Conceal and define

Now I know we are barely into January but already a very exciting piece of makeup has been launched. It is from my favs make up revolution and it’s the conceal and define full coverage concealer and contour.

They have bought out a large range for all skin colours, and they have shades perfect for concealing and contouring. They have been hotly anticipated and once available I was eager to check them out for myself in my local Superdrug.

After seeing the swatches online I thought I would be a c5 or c6 and wanted to look for a contouring shade. After swatching these for myself I went for c5 for concealing and a c14 for my contour shade.

I used these the next day as I was so excited and I have to say….I was super impressed! Nice and thick…hence the great coverage and they blended out really well. I don’t usually suffer with creasing under my eye so that wasn’t an issue for me, and as they were so pigmented I didn’t need a lot for concealer or contour so these amazingly priced (£4 each) products will last me agesssss! I used the darker shade to contour my cheeks and used small dots as it so pigmented and I was shook! It blended out so well and I was left with an awesome natural contour!

I love makeup revolution and am on thier mailing list but I bought these items myself as I was so excited to use them! Check them out in Superdrug or online at tam beauty!


Glow on….

Everyone loves a glow, whatever the season or weather we always like a glow and I have found a collection of drugstore products that will make you glow like mad but in no way break the bank!!

Firstly the base, now I have found a pretty good dupe for Mac store cream….and it’s only £4! It’s the Mua prism strobe cream in flash. I mix this in with my foundation to help give me a dewy base. And try and avoid using to much powder when going for a glowy look!

After you have concealed and cream contoured it’s onto the magic! Now liquid highlighters are everywhere and whilst I love iconic and cover fx my loves makeup revolution bought out there own version and the colour liquid champagne is such a dupe for the ‘original’ shade by iconic. I put drops on my Cupid’s bow, nose, highest points of my cheeks and slightly above the eyebrows and blend in with my sponge.

And to finish it and make it pop I add the strobe highlight from makeup revolution, a gentle dusting with a flat tan brush and the look is done and the highlight is poppin’!!!

All products are available from either tan beauty or from Superdrug! Check these out for a bargain glow!

November favourites…

Hi and welcome to my November favourites! Keep reading to see what items I’ve been loving/trying out this November!

My first product I’ve been loving this sleepy lotion/cream from lush, I have made a more in depth post about this if you want to take a look. It’s really helped me sleep deeper and wake up more refreshed!

My second item was bought on a whim to make up my order to get free delivery! It’s the LA girl concealer. I’ve had their colour corrected before so had always wanted to to the ‘normal’ concealer and I’m glad I did, it’s great coverage and for the price (under £5) it’s a bargain!

Now my next item is my favourite….something I had wanted for ages and was so happy when it popped up when it was Black Friday and I got a bargain! I got my hands on a morphe palette and these colours are me in a palette…especially for the bargain price of £11.50….thankyouuu beauty bay!

Another makeup palette I’ve got my hands on is the makeup revolution brighter than your future highlight palette! I have done a blog post and a YouTube video on ( explaining how much I love it and what to do with the shades you may not use so you get the most out of your £15

The last item on my list is skincare. I was contacted by this brand called ‘luvenesco’ and asked if I wanted to try out their product and I was more than happy too! It’s a retinol hydrating cream so it adds moisture and it’s anti-ageing too….perfect for winter!

That’s so…..tan

Now I am a big fake fan lover and I’m an all year around tanner so I was really excited when I was asked if I would like to try out this product! It’s a spray on ‘dark’ tan.

It comes in a lovely golden bronzed can and as it’s a spray it’s great for tanning everywhere and no dodgy back stripes. And due to the ingredients it’s a non patchy formula, and I have to agree there! I had a great dark tan and really enjoyed using this product! It even contains aloe Vera so also left my skin feel smooth and hydrated as well as that, they squeezed some anti ageing in too! What a winner!

If anyone is looking for a great spray tan then I suggest clicking below and checking these guys out as the colour is lovely and even….what more could you want…..

Best and worst foundations

Now I will start off by saying I have slightly oily skin so that instantly will change how I feel about a foundation! And I do also suffer from adult acne (joy!) So if you are a slightly to full on oily faces person then please do read on!

I will start with my least favourite….the Rimmel breathable foundation. This for me was a huge no…NOOO….within about 4 hours I felt oily and shiny and the coverage was gone? I really had high hopes for this foundation and was a bit sad it didn’t work for me!

Another least favourite of mine is the L’Oréal infallible. It’s a very think and heavy consistency so I had to mix it with true match to ‘even it out’ it did what it says on the tin and is very full coverage which usually I like….and I did, until it completely broke me out and my skin hated it sadly!

Now onto a fav, the ordinary foundation. I use this the ‘lighten’ my regular foundation for those less tanned days. It takes a little mixing in to fully bind with my other foundation but I love how it feels on my skin and although I have adult acne this foundation doesn’t cause my skin to breakout too much

Now onto my fav, my ride or die foundation! Mac studio fix! I love that I don’t have to use too much to get an awesome coverage that stays out and doesn’t let oil through or give me the ‘shiny’ look I really hate and battle with

Belenos skincare

So recently I was sent some natural organic skincare products from the lovely people at belenos skincare botanique.

I was sent a sea buckthorn brightening cream, a repair elixir, a makeup removing cleansing oil and a bath milk that smelt like Parma violet sweets….honestly it was incredible!

I loved that these were natural and organic as I do suffer with bad skin so I don’t like the idea of putting too many harsh chemicals on my skin incase of further out breaks.

I used the repair oil on my neck and around my eyes and they felt so smooth the following morning, not sticky or greasy just lovely and smooth which is something I find with oils they can leave a greasy layer, but thankfully this oil didn’t which was a refreshing change!

The buckthorn cream is so lovely and indulgent feeling! I love using it on my skin and on my elbows and knees before I fake tan to ensure no ‘dirty patches’ it works a treat and I love using it as the smell is so citrus-y and fresh! The cleansing oil is really good at removing makeup whilst leaving your skin nice and smooth feeling!

I highly recommend you checking out these lovely people if you are looking for a natural and organic skin care range!

My skin care routine!

This post is about skincare, and in particular how I turned my skin around. Now I won’t lie, I’m not posting a skin pic here because it’s something im very self conscious about, which is why I wanted to Change it! I won’t leave the house without makeup on due to my skin being scarred and having adult acne.  But I took steps to change it! I bought la Roche posay 3 step system as that was the turning point. That really helped my skin and my scars out! That was a month long programme and I how at saw results! I then decided that I didn’t want to go back to my old red, scarred spotted skin. So I gave myself a skin routine… 25 this was something i had never done! That skin programme now run its course and I’m all out! So for my daytime skin routine I wear their tinted moisturiser and wear it everyday under my makeup like a primer/moisturiser. I also use thier pore reducing and mattifying cream daily too! This combination ensures that my skin is always working to reduce the scars and blemishes and keeps it super soft too! 

At night time as my skin is oily I don’t like to wear a thick moisturiser as I find it breaks me out so I keep it simple! I take my makeup off with garnier micellar water and lukewarm water, then use my vitamin e facial wash and then use my ‘magic spray’ I read a lot into skin care and to what my skin needed, so I made myself something instead of applying 3 separate products and over loading and layering my skin. I have a simple spray bottle and in it I mix rose water, tea tree oil and bio oil. Give it a shake to mix the products and mist away and I swear this has been the game changer for me! My scars are going (bio oil) and so is my redness (rose water) and it’s really helping to combat my oiliness so much, and I don’t get half as many breakouts (tea tree oil) 

Now this combination may not work for everyone but i had bad skin, and I mean bad! We are talking serious mountains, you girls know….when you have a horrible cluster of spots and you try so hard to cover them and it’s not a good look! But from doing research I found out that minor adult acne is something that doesn’t always need steroids and medical treatment it’s sometimes us plying our skin with bad blocking products that we think are good but in fact are doing the opposite and making you more despondent about your skin and your appearance!
Now I’m all for feeling good in your own skin.

 But I know how depressing bad skin can be and what a confidence knocker it is and I have suffered for it, but I hope this post can help someone or give you ideas on how maybe you can help you and your skin 🙂 

W i n t e r 

Winter is basically here……it’s gotten so much darker and so much colder! With the cold comes a whole new set of skin and hair issues. I have found some great buys that don’t break the bank and  will help see your hair and skin saved throughout the winter. 

Let’s start with the hair……frizz!!! Every girls biggest drama when it’s rainy, and cold and windy! But have no fear, umberto gianni have stepped up and helped solve those problems. They have a frizz free collection that will be your must have products. I use the 3 day frizz free spray after showering and then this serum when styling. It’s ensure my sleek pony stays sleek! Now onto the skin. Our poor skin takes such a battering through winter so why not reward it with these goodies and skin soothers. I will start with this moisture bomb tissue mask by Garnier, it’s claim is that it will leave your skin hydrated for 1 week after a 15 min session and improve fine lines and boost radiance. And whilst I didn’t notice any difference to any lines (being 26 though I don’t really have any) I did have radiance and my skin didn’t feel as dry for a good few day afterwards! And at only 99p, I highly recommend this for any skin that’s thirsty for some moisture! Next it’s the miceller oil infused cleansing water. As it gets colder and windier our skin gets stripped of its natural oils more quickly through dryness so it’s always nice to give your skin a helping hand when removing the days makeup. My skin didn’t feel ‘oily’ after using this which is always a concern for me seems as my skin does tend to be more on the oily side. Now onto a classic but still a goody! Vitamin e facial wash, this is now a staple in my makeup removal routine as my skin loves it! It makes it feel smooth and ready for any weather condition the U.K. wants to throw at it! And now onto the body, although it’s heavily clothed for winter it still needs some t.l.c so I reward it with another body shop classic, shea butter. I always try different moisturisers but always get pulled back to this one, a winner for its price and for the way my skin feels after using it. So soft and smoothe, and if you are a fake tanner like me, it makes a great base moisturiser for those rougher knee and elbow parts.