Conceal and define

Now I know we are barely into January but already a very exciting piece of makeup has been launched. It is from my favs make up revolution and it’s the conceal and define full coverage concealer and contour.

They have bought out a large range for all skin colours, and they have shades perfect for concealing and contouring. They have been hotly anticipated and once available I was eager to check them out for myself in my local Superdrug.

After seeing the swatches online I thought I would be a c5 or c6 and wanted to look for a contouring shade. After swatching these for myself I went for c5 for concealing and a c14 for my contour shade.

I used these the next day as I was so excited and I have to say….I was super impressed! Nice and thick…hence the great coverage and they blended out really well. I don’t usually suffer with creasing under my eye so that wasn’t an issue for me, and as they were so pigmented I didn’t need a lot for concealer or contour so these amazingly priced (£4 each) products will last me agesssss! I used the darker shade to contour my cheeks and used small dots as it so pigmented and I was shook! It blended out so well and I was left with an awesome natural contour!

I love makeup revolution and am on thier mailing list but I bought these items myself as I was so excited to use them! Check them out in Superdrug or online at tam beauty!


That’s so…..tan

Now I am a big fake fan lover and I’m an all year around tanner so I was really excited when I was asked if I would like to try out this product! It’s a spray on ‘dark’ tan.

It comes in a lovely golden bronzed can and as it’s a spray it’s great for tanning everywhere and no dodgy back stripes. And due to the ingredients it’s a non patchy formula, and I have to agree there! I had a great dark tan and really enjoyed using this product! It even contains aloe Vera so also left my skin feel smooth and hydrated as well as that, they squeezed some anti ageing in too! What a winner!

If anyone is looking for a great spray tan then I suggest clicking below and checking these guys out as the colour is lovely and even….what more could you want…..

Best and worst foundations

Now I will start off by saying I have slightly oily skin so that instantly will change how I feel about a foundation! And I do also suffer from adult acne (joy!) So if you are a slightly to full on oily faces person then please do read on!

I will start with my least favourite….the Rimmel breathable foundation. This for me was a huge no…NOOO….within about 4 hours I felt oily and shiny and the coverage was gone? I really had high hopes for this foundation and was a bit sad it didn’t work for me!

Another least favourite of mine is the L’Oréal infallible. It’s a very think and heavy consistency so I had to mix it with true match to ‘even it out’ it did what it says on the tin and is very full coverage which usually I like….and I did, until it completely broke me out and my skin hated it sadly!

Now onto a fav, the ordinary foundation. I use this the ‘lighten’ my regular foundation for those less tanned days. It takes a little mixing in to fully bind with my other foundation but I love how it feels on my skin and although I have adult acne this foundation doesn’t cause my skin to breakout too much

Now onto my fav, my ride or die foundation! Mac studio fix! I love that I don’t have to use too much to get an awesome coverage that stays out and doesn’t let oil through or give me the ‘shiny’ look I really hate and battle with


Herbalife….a brand a lot of people have an opinion on and like most ‘health conscious’ people I was keen to try these. I wanted to try them and see how it compared taste wise to my usual protein shake.

I was asked which flavour i wanted to try and was instantly drawn to the cookies and cream as it sounded like something sweet and which I would love. It comes in a large white container and you get a lot of product! It’s doesn’t come with a scoop but all you need is a tablespoon measure and you have the correct amount needed! Just mix with 250ml of milk and you are good to go! It tastes the same as my usual protein shakes and as a meal replacement it did leave me full and I felt like I could go until lunchtime without ‘flagging’ or needing a pick me up.

If like me you love a treat then get ready for a healthy version of a naughty classic….I like to turn this into a little semi healthy treat by dipping my cookies into it. You could add some cream and waldon farm syrup for a really indulgence style (and not too bad) for you treat, that’s what I will be doing soon! A semi healthy freak shake….yes please!!

Bourjois Matte Velvet

Oh my goodness…..I can not thank influenster enough for sending me this! The whole range of the velvet matte lipsticks!!! I get to try out all these lipsticks and take a million selfies now haha!

My favs were the more muted/nude shades like no.1 and no.2 but I did also love the red/orange shade and the very shades are so intense. The tear shape lipstick is perfect for application and really hugs the lips for all over solid colour.

They have a smooth feeling texture and dry to give you a lovely hydrating feel which doesn’t crack or make your lips feel dry and flaky and they last all day! Eating and drinking is no issue for these. I’m so excited to wear these lipsticks and really embrace some autumnal makeup looks with the darker shades!

This new range is available throughout many drugstores I.e Superdrug and boots and I really recommend you go and check these out! I am a die hard liquid lipstick fan but these have become a firm favourite on my lips.

So fragrance

As a girl I was obsessed with so kiss me! I would always go into Superdrug or boots or anywhere that sold it and spray myself in it and then feel so grown up buying it. Well now this has kind of come full circle and made my inner girl squeak with excitement when I opened the pr package!

I was sent 3 fragrance mists and an eau de toilette. Sweet pea, toffee and cream, sheer illusion and the ‘ I am so’ way de toilette. The toffee and cream one makes you smell like a bakery, it’s so lovely and sweet! The sweet pea is another slightly sweet yet floral one and my favourite of the mists is the sheer illusion, it is such a ‘me’ smell….not to sweet but such a lovely smell! These are so handy to keep in your bag as they are plastic so no in bag smashes!

I was very sceptical about the eau de toilette as I am very picky with any kind of perfume but this one I got lucky with, again it’s a very me smell….slightly sweet, slightly floral but in no way over powering. I have been wearing it in a daily basis and had many compliments and questions about what I’m wearing.

Thier amazing new range of mists and eau de toilette are available in Superdrug so I would definitely pop in there and have a look/smell as like me you will be pleasantly surprise and won’t regret it!

Beat the frizz

It’s that time of the year again when our old friend frizz rears its horrible little head and ruins our hair! But no more….I’ve had enough!

I was lucky enough to be sent the latest john Freida frizz ease shampoo and conditioner. I have always been a fan of frizz ease as they really do work! And these products were no exception. They have such a nice smell and texture and using them is a dream and knowing they deliver the goods is another bonus!

I simply dried my hair using my hair dryer and I could see the difference no flyaways hair or frizzy ends, just lovely smooth sleek hair! I have and always will recommend John Frieda as they really do what they say on the tin and delivery quality everyone!

If you, like me, have to fight the frizz then you need this range! Click the link below to see what other amazing products they have to offer:

Billion dollar brows

Brows….brows are big, brows are small, brows are full, brows are thin….brows are everywhere and like fashion they’re always changing style!

I quite like my brows and whilst I’m lucky enough to still have my natural brows, pretty dark natural brows at that, I do need a little help with some infill/gaps and help to add some shape. I recently was sent this ‘universal’ brow pencil to try…..

I was so Intrigued and more than happy to try out a new product! As I mentioned before I have dark brows naturally so a lot of ‘brunette’ products aren’t dark enough but this one surprised me! Initially I thought it was too light for me but I was so pleasantly surprised! It really blended into my brows so well! I’m usually an ABH pomade girl but this was a pleasant change and a change I will be keeping!

I was so impressed and happy with this product that it has now turned into my go to, one stop brow product! If anyone is interested in checking these guys out, then click this link: