Blood type diet

Firstly, without sounding silly, it is a lifestyle change more than a diet. I first came across this when I saw another blogger mention it and it sounded like something I wanted to read more about, and you can too here…..

I entered my blood type and what I read made total sense, the traits it listed were so true and relatable so I carried on reading and it suggests what you should eat, what to avoid, what your body works well with and what it doesn’t work well with. I have also made a YouTube video about it which you can view here….

I tried this change for 2 weeks and I felt better, less bloated, less sluggish and I even lost a few pounds! As we all know weight loss and fitness isn’t one size fits all and doesn’t always work the same for everybody hence why I was interested in this as it is aimed at your blood type and more seemed more specific.

I then went back to my ‘normal’ eating ways, and back was the sluggish feeling, daily bloating and horrible skin I knew from before, I was shocked and impressed by this and highly recommend people clicking the link at the top and reading it. I felt more motivated too and more energy in the gym aswell which is always a bonus!

Has anyone else tried this or read about this diet before?


2018…..lets go!

Yes it’s another 2018 post….now we have addressed that let’s get down to it! I’m not normally a new year new me kinda gal…so I’m setting goals and aims instead!

January is a month of ‘new things’ for me! I’m getting new hair, starting a new gym and oh yeah….A NEW JOB!!!! I’ve had my hair cut shorter so it healthier for when I go lighter/blonder. I’m finally getting back into the gym after a few health issues (I will vlog about this so keep checking the channel) and finally, I leave my job and branch into the world of travel!

First goal….A new job can be nervous enough, let alone stepping into an industry I know very little about. I have been to 3 countries in my whole life but decided to go for it and try something different. I went for a job I had no experience in but thought it sounded like an amazing career! I had 3 interview stages and literally screamed on the train when I had the phone call to congratulate me! And then the nerves set in! Was I good enough, why chose me? And finally can I do this?! And YES, yes I can and my goal is to excel at this and embrace the change.

Second goal….Gym. Getting back and getting healthy again. I’m not over weight and I know that, if anything it’s more for my mental health and the social side of things, so this week I’m going back and hoping to smash it and keep going and to try the classes and help to improve my health and maybe even take up yoga again!

Third goal….Social media. Yes I said it and call me shallow but hear me out…. I mean my blog and YouTube side of things. I want to keep blogging and expand my YouTube and keep making content and videos and growing! Search for me on YouTube: rio corbett and come and join my family and journey!

4th goal….Qualifications. This year I will complete a mental health awareness course. This qualification will be so beneficial not only for myself but so I can help others. Whether it be professionally or by helping family and friends. I know it will help me to help people and that’s a pretty cool qualification and ability to have if you ask me!

5th and final goal….Holiday. I’m really hoping this year will be the year me and olli have a holiday! We haven’t been away together for 5 years due to work and other issues so I’m hoping this year will be our year and we get away.

Let me know any goals/aims you guys have…and how you are going to smash them! Let’s do this….

A new week…

So last week, after watching one of my fav youtubers go vegan for a week I decided to look at my diet, and see if I could make any changes, and it was timed perfectly with the fact that I needed to do a food shop! This post is a bit different, no pics just an honest account of how my good switch went!

Firstly, I switched most of my milk products for nut milk and instead of a milkshake treat I bought soya strawberry milk, and to my surprise I really enjoyed the strawberry milk! I've always enjoyed a nut milk with my porridge and pancakes so this wasn't a bad switch at all!

My next switch was meat….I only ordered 1 item of red meat (steak obviously haha) and the rest of my meat was turkey mince, lean and low fat, and quorn mince and quorn burgers. Quorn mince is so great if you are mixing it with a strong flavour, I.e spag Bol, fajitas etc but being severely aneamic I needed some red meat as so I didnt become even more fatigued or unwell. I've also made a veggie curry with chickpeas, lentils and sweet potatoes too which was so good! I love curry as the flavour is so intense that you don't need meat to make or taste good!

I also ordered sugar free jelly and fage yoghurt to keep any snack cravings at bay. I love having my fage yoghurt with berries and pecan nuts so good for a snack and to keep those sugar levels up in a good way!

I've also started taking my lunch into work….tuna sandwiches, tuna pesto pasta and my yoghurt berries or protein bar. This has really helped me stay on track with my changes. I've also cut out 'extra sugar' I.e not buying sweets/chocolate out and stopping buying goodies for the evening, and I limited my cheat meal to once a week….it's a takeaway and pick and mix this weekend 👌🏽

This week I've really noticed a difference in my body….I am no longer a bloated painful hot mess at the end of the night and I've lost 1lb pound….I didn't do this for weight loss but to see if there was any proof in the claims about dairy and red meat and that they do mess your skin up, bloat you and can make you sluggish. I have to say I also feel fatigued and run down/in pain due to my illness' but the lack of bloating and not feeling sluggish (stomach wise) has been great and I'm loving it! I will be keeping up these adjustments and can't wait to keep this bloat free lifestyle haha!

If anyone else makes these changes let me know! Or has any suggestions for me to try/change then please comment and let me know!!

First blogger event! 

Soooo last week I attended my first blogger event! It was an event hosted by a lovely clothing shop near me called plum boutique (link below) we were asked to come to a special evening to see thier lovely collection of clothes and jewellery. 

I was very nervous to attend the event due to my health problems and I get very nervous meeting new people incase I lose my speech or have a seizure but I was so glad I went and conquered that fear as the girls were lovely and there was even a pop up brow stand and nibbles and bubbles to keep us entertained. The store is set out beautifully with lovely pieces and unique items! 

They were so kind and gave us a special discount for an purchases we made that evening! We were spoilt for choice. I picked up these beaitful unique earrings and I’ve had many compliments when wearing them, you can see them (and more pics of the evening) on my Instagram!

Go and check them out, you won’t regret it!

They are also on Instagram for more outfit and jewellery inspiration

My insta is

Have any of you been to a blogger event?? 

O k ……

‘Its ok not to be ok’ a saying I’ve only recently come across and have never agreed with something so much! It’s something that can relate to all ages, and a lot of situations. 

Today we feel under so much pressure to be ‘ok’ and if we aren’t ok, or feel down for a while, we are told to ‘snap out of it’ and move on. But nobody says that’s it ok to not be ok and it’s ok to need help or a chat. The biggest and bravest step is to ask admit you aren’t ok and aren’t afraid to say it. 

This is a very personal post for me as I have so much respect to people who talk about their feelings and if they going through a tough time. Asking for help is always seen as a sign of weakness when in my eyes, it’s the bravest thing to do. I’ve been there, a big life change happened and I wasn’t ok and felt that I was wrong for having this cloud over my head. Mental health is so important but hardly spoken about and that needs to change! Counselling is not a shameful thing, nor is it for ‘nutters’ as I heard once! And when you attach that stigma it’s no wonder people feel like they can’t reach out and ask. 

I have to say that yes, some things can be helped/changed by having a chat or 2 with a friend but sometimes the issues are bigger, like anxiety or a mental health issue, and you need specialist help. I’ve been there, I didn’t want to leave the house or socialise and I just felt so hideous and ugly. And it took a while for me to realise that this wasn’t how I wanted to feel forever and that I needed help and needed support to over come this. I had never even thought of a counsellor and never even knew what they could do!? Like a lot of people, I had never needed one or felt like I needed help. But I did, and I got it and I’m not healed or changed by any means. But I’m better! I have learnt to fake the hell out of being confident and how to act in anxious situations and control things so I don’t go back down that hole.

So now I would say currently, yes I’m ok. But when I do have my moments or days, I remember that it’s ok to not be ok and I am only human.