Blood type diet

Firstly, without sounding silly, it is a lifestyle change more than a diet. I first came across this when I saw another blogger mention it and it sounded like something I wanted to read more about, and you can too here…..

I entered my blood type and what I read made total sense, the traits it listed were so true and relatable so I carried on reading and it suggests what you should eat, what to avoid, what your body works well with and what it doesn’t work well with. I have also made a YouTube video about it which you can view here….

I tried this change for 2 weeks and I felt better, less bloated, less sluggish and I even lost a few pounds! As we all know weight loss and fitness isn’t one size fits all and doesn’t always work the same for everybody hence why I was interested in this as it is aimed at your blood type and more seemed more specific.

I then went back to my ‘normal’ eating ways, and back was the sluggish feeling, daily bloating and horrible skin I knew from before, I was shocked and impressed by this and highly recommend people clicking the link at the top and reading it. I felt more motivated too and more energy in the gym aswell which is always a bonus!

Has anyone else tried this or read about this diet before?


Brighter than your future!

I am a big fan of makeup revolution and have been lucky to be sent some of their items as blogger mail, but this I couldn’t wait for and knew I needed to own. So The day it came out I ordered it and eagerly check the post everyday until it arrived. For a testing video please see my YouTube video

It is a large plastic highlighter palette which included baked highlights, gradient highlight, shimmer bricks and trio and 4 standard highlights. I love the names of the pans too…shook, extra and bougie were a few of my favs! I couldn’t wait to have a play with this and I was not disappointed!

As you can see by my nose and Cupid’s bow….the glow is real! This is a combination of the colours LIT and EXTRA (also used on my cheeks) and I used SLAY on the inner corners of my eyes to make them pop! These shades as so beautiful and glittery and I think they will also make lovely eye shadows too. I’m so excited to have a play around with this palette as it’s so pigmented and perfect for the glitzy Christmas season!

I ordered this online from tam beauty and it was £15 and if I say so, it was worth the money! They do a palette for lighter skin tones too which is called glow getter and it has an identical design and layout.


Herbalife….a brand a lot of people have an opinion on and like most ‘health conscious’ people I was keen to try these. I wanted to try them and see how it compared taste wise to my usual protein shake.

I was asked which flavour i wanted to try and was instantly drawn to the cookies and cream as it sounded like something sweet and which I would love. It comes in a large white container and you get a lot of product! It’s doesn’t come with a scoop but all you need is a tablespoon measure and you have the correct amount needed! Just mix with 250ml of milk and you are good to go! It tastes the same as my usual protein shakes and as a meal replacement it did leave me full and I felt like I could go until lunchtime without ‘flagging’ or needing a pick me up.

If like me you love a treat then get ready for a healthy version of a naughty classic….I like to turn this into a little semi healthy treat by dipping my cookies into it. You could add some cream and waldon farm syrup for a really indulgence style (and not too bad) for you treat, that’s what I will be doing soon! A semi healthy freak shake….yes please!!

A new week…

So last week, after watching one of my fav youtubers go vegan for a week I decided to look at my diet, and see if I could make any changes, and it was timed perfectly with the fact that I needed to do a food shop! This post is a bit different, no pics just an honest account of how my good switch went!

Firstly, I switched most of my milk products for nut milk and instead of a milkshake treat I bought soya strawberry milk, and to my surprise I really enjoyed the strawberry milk! I've always enjoyed a nut milk with my porridge and pancakes so this wasn't a bad switch at all!

My next switch was meat….I only ordered 1 item of red meat (steak obviously haha) and the rest of my meat was turkey mince, lean and low fat, and quorn mince and quorn burgers. Quorn mince is so great if you are mixing it with a strong flavour, I.e spag Bol, fajitas etc but being severely aneamic I needed some red meat as so I didnt become even more fatigued or unwell. I've also made a veggie curry with chickpeas, lentils and sweet potatoes too which was so good! I love curry as the flavour is so intense that you don't need meat to make or taste good!

I also ordered sugar free jelly and fage yoghurt to keep any snack cravings at bay. I love having my fage yoghurt with berries and pecan nuts so good for a snack and to keep those sugar levels up in a good way!

I've also started taking my lunch into work….tuna sandwiches, tuna pesto pasta and my yoghurt berries or protein bar. This has really helped me stay on track with my changes. I've also cut out 'extra sugar' I.e not buying sweets/chocolate out and stopping buying goodies for the evening, and I limited my cheat meal to once a week….it's a takeaway and pick and mix this weekend 👌🏽

This week I've really noticed a difference in my body….I am no longer a bloated painful hot mess at the end of the night and I've lost 1lb pound….I didn't do this for weight loss but to see if there was any proof in the claims about dairy and red meat and that they do mess your skin up, bloat you and can make you sluggish. I have to say I also feel fatigued and run down/in pain due to my illness' but the lack of bloating and not feeling sluggish (stomach wise) has been great and I'm loving it! I will be keeping up these adjustments and can't wait to keep this bloat free lifestyle haha!

If anyone else makes these changes let me know! Or has any suggestions for me to try/change then please comment and let me know!!

Healthy brekkie ideas!

Many people struggle with breakfast and it can be a very boring, mundane, run of the mill thing….but let’s stop that! I have a few healthy breakfast ideas/recipes for you to try to not only have a taste sensation but a burst of healthiness at the same time! 

Firstly, baked avacados! Yes I’m blogger therefore I love avacado….Jokes/stereotypes aside, avacados are great! And here is a simple way to mix it up! Cut the avacado in half and remove the stone! Scoop half the flesh out and put to one side, crack and egg into each half and place in the oven at 180 degrees for 15 mins. With the left over avacado, toast some wholemeal bread and spread it over the toast. Once the avacados are cooked then place them on the toast and cut open and let the yolk be freeeee! 

Next is porridge, oh boring porridge….NO stop! By adding nut milk to it, it can instantly take on a different taste! My favourite is oats, coconut or almond milk, blueberries, sugar free syrup and a sprinkling of nuts!

A smoothie! Now this is great if you want a quick lift breakfast or even something quickly for after a workout if you need to dash off elsewhere! Again I’m going to recommend a nut milk, I’m a lover of coconut or almond milk in this! As I like to add a scoop of my vanilla protein and a few big handfuls of your choice of berries, I’ve chosen raspberries, strawberries and blueberries for some great antioxidants and lovely summery taste!

Protein pancakes!! A great low carb alternative to the normal pancake! I use 2 egg whites and 1 egg yolk, a banana, a scoop of vanilla whey protein and 2 handfuls of oats to help thicken the mixture. These cool so quickly so you need to watch the pan whilst these are cooking, no more than 30 seconds or on each side! Pour the batter into 3 circles and pop a few blueberries on top and watch them until little bubbles appear…and then flip…and the stack and eat! I would include a pic but no one wants a pic of pancakes to make them hungry haha! 


U Fit? Well yes, it is grammatically incorrect but no, I’ve not turned illiterate! Its the name of the new fitness drinks I have been trying out.  I was sent out a variety of samples from this company as I love to try new protein dinks on the market and discover new brands. I was sent the regular protein drinks which contains about 20g of protein and the high protein range which contains 50g of protein per drink.

I was sent one of each flavour to try, ranging from the usual strawberry, chocolate and banana to vanilla and iced latte ( protein coffee….that’s a winner right there!) I have found with some protein drinks that they taste really fake and especially strawberry ones can taste awfully synthetic, but these ones didn’t! The strawberry one in particular is lovely and such a great way to get my protein in and to keep the sugar cravings at bay! I also love the banana one, tastes just like a milkshake! 

These are a great accompaniment to my work outs and to sip throughout to keep my levels up! As you may have seen in my post about protein a few months ago, it so important to keep those levels up so you don’t flag and also to help support muscles and even weight loss if monitored and consumed correctly (remember I’m not a doctor, just a keen gymmer!) 

I highly recommend these drinks to anyone who is looking for a new protein drink to try as these are awesome!

They are available on amazon or from their own website: and I believe you may even be abel to get them in some Poundland stores, so hopefully they are widely available! I hop so as I will be reaching for mine next time I want an on the go protein drink!

Fully loaded……

This fitness post is for people who may not quite know what to eat for breakfast when wanting to diet. 

Breakfast is so underrated and seriously misinformed! People think skipping breakfast is a good idea to save calories….and logically yeah makes sense (just about!? Not really) but then when you grab a 250 cal choc bar and a drink with 30g of sugar in… doesn’t seem to make much sense really!

Now I love breakfast and personally I eat mine after the gym at about 10, this is because due to my job I don’t eat lunch at ‘lunchtime’ my lunch time is at 2.15ish! So if you can’t when you wake up, you need to eat something to get your metabolism going and to stop snacky hunger pangs! Overnight oats are so good for this and you can make them so quickly and tailor it to how you like it! And it looks cute in a mason jar haha!

My fav breakfast is the humble oats and milk, the bad boy that is porridge….which may sounds boring. But if you fully load it then it becomes awesome! I load mine with dried fruit, sugar free syrup and seeds and nuts and I love it! Like, I have an obsession and can eat 2 bowls a day, kind of obsession!  But it’s so good! 

I also like to grate an apple into my porridge and top it with cinnamon and drizzle my zero syrup over it. Such a good way to add sweetness without adding a serious amount of sugar! 

Breakfast should be eaten like a king!  Make it rich and filling and so yummy that you won’t be hungry until lunchtime and you can know that you’ve sent your body off to work with something decent, warm and nutritious inside it. It also great for having after a work out as its wholesome and Filling! Just what you need after a beasting at the gym! 

So don’t reach for a sugary cereal, reach for the oats and set yourself up right!

Zero syrups available from TPW

F e e l i n g  f e s t i v e 

So today was a ‘christmassy’ day! We went for a lovely walk with my parents and had lunch out with them too at a beautiful garden called ‘trebah gardens’ such a wonderful place for a walk and the food was soooo good!! It’s full of Christmas vibes and I swear they have captured the exact smell of Xmas too as it smells so festive and warming! I seriously recommend anyone to go there and walk, take pics of the beautiful and then fill your simachs in the cafe. They have food for everyone and the most lovely handmade cakes! Everything is freshly made and so delicious.

After the walk and food we came home and napped Haha! And then it was gingerbread house time……my fav time! Me and little buddy decorated and iced our hearts out and took one pic before it collapsed, but that was ok, as we were actually having it for dinner! 

I am shameful to say I sucked at adulting/parenting this evening as we had that house and milk for our tea and I’m contemplating a pizza delivery later……no I am having a pizza delivery later haha! 

Today has been a busy day and in comparison to normal days, it’s been a rubbish parenting day in respect of the food choices and sugar content we have consumed but hey……it’s one day and it’s nearly Xmas so yes this evening i may have sucked at parenting but I have a happy son, who is making another awesome memory 🙂