Glow on….

Everyone loves a glow, whatever the season or weather we always like a glow and I have found a collection of drugstore products that will make you glow like mad but in no way break the bank!!

Firstly the base, now I have found a pretty good dupe for Mac store cream….and it’s only £4! It’s the Mua prism strobe cream in flash. I mix this in with my foundation to help give me a dewy base. And try and avoid using to much powder when going for a glowy look!

After you have concealed and cream contoured it’s onto the magic! Now liquid highlighters are everywhere and whilst I love iconic and cover fx my loves makeup revolution bought out there own version and the colour liquid champagne is such a dupe for the ‘original’ shade by iconic. I put drops on my Cupid’s bow, nose, highest points of my cheeks and slightly above the eyebrows and blend in with my sponge.

And to finish it and make it pop I add the strobe highlight from makeup revolution, a gentle dusting with a flat tan brush and the look is done and the highlight is poppin’!!!

All products are available from either tan beauty or from Superdrug! Check these out for a bargain glow!


Gigi hadid X maybelline

As you may have seen recently, Gigi hadid has teamed up with maybelline and created her own range of products. I’m a sucker for pretty packaging and this range was right up my street! It’s a nude pink, it’s sleek and it’s holographic….so instagramable!

I ordered 3 items from the range as the mascara was just lash sensational repackaged and a few other items were out of stock sadly. So I picked up a ‘warm’ eyeshadow palette, gold strobe liquid and one of the lip kits.

The lip kit is a lipstick and lip liner and I got the shade ‘taura’ which is APPARENTLY Gigi’s signature shade….to be fair it’s a lovely nude and very creamy and wearable! The liner too is a nice nude and very creamy and easy to apply. It’s also lasted really well too and didnt have much of a drying feeling.

The next item was the ‘warm’ eyeshadow palette. I will say it’s very glittery and shimmery but the colours aren’t too harsh so they are good for a natural shimmery look. On the back it even has a little guide about how to use the colours and apply the shadows to create a natural easy to wear (and apply) , smokey eye.

The last item was the golden strobe liquid which I really like! It’s great to mix with your foundation for an all over dewy look or to just apply to the cheekbones for a subtle glow, it also it is great to apply a powder highlight over the top of for a more intense highlight.

I actually really liked the products I got and all though the eye palette ain’t as dark as my usual eye shadows it’s really lovely and wearable! Let me know if you’ve tried any other products from this range and what you think!!

That’s so…..tan

Now I am a big fake fan lover and I’m an all year around tanner so I was really excited when I was asked if I would like to try out this product! It’s a spray on ‘dark’ tan.

It comes in a lovely golden bronzed can and as it’s a spray it’s great for tanning everywhere and no dodgy back stripes. And due to the ingredients it’s a non patchy formula, and I have to agree there! I had a great dark tan and really enjoyed using this product! It even contains aloe Vera so also left my skin feel smooth and hydrated as well as that, they squeezed some anti ageing in too! What a winner!

If anyone is looking for a great spray tan then I suggest clicking below and checking these guys out as the colour is lovely and even….what more could you want…..

Can we dress each other?

I’ll start by saying that this awesome idea was not mine, well not fully mine, it was an idea that developed into a plan. It was suggested to me by the guy I’m seeing, that maybe we should buy each other an outfit with little help from the other person! I was all for it as I was very interested to see what he would pick for me.

We headed to the nearest shopping centre and started off with a walk around a few various shops and gauged an idea of what the other one did and didnt like!! Safe to say he was actually better at it than me with guessing what I would/wouldn’t like!

Then it was time to split up and shop….I had an idea in my head of the outfit I thought would look good and I had previously dropped some non-subtle hints whilst perusing the shops as to what I think I may buy him! I opted for neutral colours, black grey and khaki as I know they looked good on him! I ended up buying it all from H&M as it was really disappointing to realise that men just don’t have the vast amount of choice we do, and that their shopping options/choices are so limited and so much smaller compared to ours.

I went with and bought a beige/stone coloured knotted style jumper, a black zip up hoodie (unzipped) and a dark khaki green bomber jacket teamed with black skinny jeans. This, to me, was such a good colour palette for him as it really suits him.

Then it was my turn….and as a self confessed picky person I was so happy with what was chosen/bought! A black velvet style bodysuit with lace up and beading detail on the chest, a great black pair of ripped jeans (perfect staple and fit) and a distressed light blue denim jacket all from topshop. This outfit is so me and I can’t wait to wear it out! He got the sizes perfect and I think this was such a good idea he had!

This was such a good day out and I highly recommend you put your partner/friend to this challenge and see what they choose for you and see what they would like to see in! Or has anyone else done this kind of thing? If so how did it go?

BTS Bridal Shoot

So a few weeks ago I was very lucky to have been asked to be a hair model and then a bridal model for the day! I was given this idea by one of the girls doing my hair that maybe I should blog about my day, so here it goes….

First off all the day started off in the salon getting my hair curled, pinned and put up! They had chosen such a lovely bridal hair design that I couldn’t wait to see the end result! I had done my makeup myself and opted for a simple cut crease with a nude lip so nothing was detracted away from the hair and dress. My hair was curled and put into rollers and then it was off to the next venue….the hotel/bridal show.

We were in a stunning local hotel amongst other bridal related stalls and hair/makeup/beauticians. It was there we had our hair finished off and the final ‘hair look’ was created, which you can see below, the girls are so talented at the hair boutique Truro and I couldn’t believe how good it looked!

After the bridal show it was a quick drive down to the bridal studio and we were given our dresses. We were so lucky to be included in this shoot as it was for a rebranding of a lovely wedding dress studio, Elaine Rawlings bridal. We were given our dresses and shoes and then it was a short walk to the stunning location!

It was being shot in the garden of a huge townhouse. The garden was gorgeous it was filled with lovely flowers, weeping willows and lovely little corners which were perfect for photographs! I’ve just had a couple of images back to share with you and I’m so pleased with how they’ve turned out!

So fragrance

As a girl I was obsessed with so kiss me! I would always go into Superdrug or boots or anywhere that sold it and spray myself in it and then feel so grown up buying it. Well now this has kind of come full circle and made my inner girl squeak with excitement when I opened the pr package!

I was sent 3 fragrance mists and an eau de toilette. Sweet pea, toffee and cream, sheer illusion and the ‘ I am so’ way de toilette. The toffee and cream one makes you smell like a bakery, it’s so lovely and sweet! The sweet pea is another slightly sweet yet floral one and my favourite of the mists is the sheer illusion, it is such a ‘me’ smell….not to sweet but such a lovely smell! These are so handy to keep in your bag as they are plastic so no in bag smashes!

I was very sceptical about the eau de toilette as I am very picky with any kind of perfume but this one I got lucky with, again it’s a very me smell….slightly sweet, slightly floral but in no way over powering. I have been wearing it in a daily basis and had many compliments and questions about what I’m wearing.

Thier amazing new range of mists and eau de toilette are available in Superdrug so I would definitely pop in there and have a look/smell as like me you will be pleasantly surprise and won’t regret it!

Beat the frizz

It’s that time of the year again when our old friend frizz rears its horrible little head and ruins our hair! But no more….I’ve had enough!

I was lucky enough to be sent the latest john Freida frizz ease shampoo and conditioner. I have always been a fan of frizz ease as they really do work! And these products were no exception. They have such a nice smell and texture and using them is a dream and knowing they deliver the goods is another bonus!

I simply dried my hair using my hair dryer and I could see the difference no flyaways hair or frizzy ends, just lovely smooth sleek hair! I have and always will recommend John Frieda as they really do what they say on the tin and delivery quality everyone!

If you, like me, have to fight the frizz then you need this range! Click the link below to see what other amazing products they have to offer:

Slim life tea

Slim life tea….oh another slimming tea I hear you say….and I too was sceptical! All I ever hear about these drinks is that they are full of laxatives and make your stomach feel like a washing machine….until I found this one!

This is from China….the Chinese tea called oolang tea, a red tea that is laxative free…..hooray! It is great for people with digestive issues and helps not only promote a better digestive system but it’s also good for your mental alertness and is full of antioxidants so it’s great for your skin, bones and cardio vascular system bonus!

In the first week I did notice a change in my stomach, I wasn’t as bloated as usual and the familiar stomach pains i had grown to expect every evening were gone! I didn’t chose this tea to lose weight but to try and beat the bloat and also help my digestive system a little.

I have to say that on the completion of the 28 days, I did notice a difference to my digestive system, I.e less bloating and I did also lose 4lbs!

If anyone wants to look further into this tea then please click below:

I was sent this item