Gigi hadid X maybelline

As you may have seen recently, Gigi hadid has teamed up with maybelline and created her own range of products. I’m a sucker for pretty packaging and this range was right up my street! It’s a nude pink, it’s sleek and it’s holographic….so instagramable!

I ordered 3 items from the range as the mascara was just lash sensational repackaged and a few other items were out of stock sadly. So I picked up a ‘warm’ eyeshadow palette, gold strobe liquid and one of the lip kits.

The lip kit is a lipstick and lip liner and I got the shade ‘taura’ which is APPARENTLY Gigi’s signature shade….to be fair it’s a lovely nude and very creamy and wearable! The liner too is a nice nude and very creamy and easy to apply. It’s also lasted really well too and didnt have much of a drying feeling.

The next item was the ‘warm’ eyeshadow palette. I will say it’s very glittery and shimmery but the colours aren’t too harsh so they are good for a natural shimmery look. On the back it even has a little guide about how to use the colours and apply the shadows to create a natural easy to wear (and apply) , smokey eye.

The last item was the golden strobe liquid which I really like! It’s great to mix with your foundation for an all over dewy look or to just apply to the cheekbones for a subtle glow, it also it is great to apply a powder highlight over the top of for a more intense highlight.

I actually really liked the products I got and all though the eye palette ain’t as dark as my usual eye shadows it’s really lovely and wearable! Let me know if you’ve tried any other products from this range and what you think!!


F e e l i n g  f e s t i v e 

So today was a ‘christmassy’ day! We went for a lovely walk with my parents and had lunch out with them too at a beautiful garden called ‘trebah gardens’ such a wonderful place for a walk and the food was soooo good!! It’s full of Christmas vibes and I swear they have captured the exact smell of Xmas too as it smells so festive and warming! I seriously recommend anyone to go there and walk, take pics of the beautiful and then fill your simachs in the cafe. They have food for everyone and the most lovely handmade cakes! Everything is freshly made and so delicious.

After the walk and food we came home and napped Haha! And then it was gingerbread house time……my fav time! Me and little buddy decorated and iced our hearts out and took one pic before it collapsed, but that was ok, as we were actually having it for dinner! 

I am shameful to say I sucked at adulting/parenting this evening as we had that house and milk for our tea and I’m contemplating a pizza delivery later……no I am having a pizza delivery later haha! 

Today has been a busy day and in comparison to normal days, it’s been a rubbish parenting day in respect of the food choices and sugar content we have consumed but hey……it’s one day and it’s nearly Xmas so yes this evening i may have sucked at parenting but I have a happy son, who is making another awesome memory 🙂

A  X m a s  E v e n i n g

So at the weekend, me and my little man jumped on a train and went to exeter for the night. I knew we would get up there is the darkness so I couldn’t resist, after having an amazing meal at Wagamama, taking a lovely Christmas evening walk and upheld a tradition of mine……looking at the lights! I’m not sure if it a tradition or an obsession but I love to look at the lights! Wherever I go, I want to the lights! 

These lights were curtesy of Exeter! We had dinner and went for the obligatory light walk! It was so pretty! There is something about these lights that make me feel all warm and happy inside. Maybe I need a life who knows, but I like them! 

Here’s what we found……

D e c k  T h e  H a l l s

Today was the day…the day the tree went up! And after the drama of finding a massive spider in the box….it was time to assemble the tree! 

I don’t have a real tree, I have an artificial put together tree and I love it! 6ft of loveliness! I stick to neutral colours, black, grey, white and silve…..and glitter of course! 

I have a fav decoration I won’t lie! It’s gold and glittery and over the top! It’s a crown!! And I love it so it goes near the top in plain sight!

I’m not a fan of lots of decs cluttering up everywhere so I like to keep it simple with little touches here and there. I love my skull so had to give a Xmas twist!

I love my little front room and the tree and Xmas touches! It’s subtle yet lovely and I will be sad when I have to take them down! 

Thanks for reading day 5 of blogmas!!!

F e e l i n g  L i t

Well Christmas parties, family gatherings and social drinks are upon us so this post is my steps to achieving the ‘lit cheek’. Its when your cheekbones are sharp and your highlight is popping! This look goes with any eye or lip combo and is perfect for those Christmas selfies! 

My go to products for this look are my cream contour kit  mac studio sculpt and highlight and makeup revolution contour palette 

I start by contouring with my cream contour palette and do the classic ‘fish face’ to pull in my cheekbones so I can use the darker shade (bottom left) to line them ands along my hairline and temple. And then the lighter colour to under my eyes, nose and temple and chin, basically anywhere you want to lighten! If you don’t know what I mean then there are sooo many YouTube  videos to help you contour like a pro! 

Next once you’ve used the beauty blender and blended this into your foundation….it’s powder time! I use mac studio sculpt defining powder in dark and my p.s contour brush ( If you haven’t already, check my post out about these primark brushes) to go over where I cream contoured to achieve the killer cheekbone look! Make sure you blend this up into the hair line and go over any areas you ‘darker contoured’ with and blend, blend, blend!

Once I have used my Mac sculpt powder I then use a small amount of my makeup revolution contour palette. I use the darker brown shade and with my contour brush just pop this near my hair line and top of my cheek bone to really deepen the contour and add more drama and definition to my cheek bones! 

And now it’s time for the highlight! I use Mac ‘soft and gentle’ highlighter. I like to spritz my brush with a make spray to help intensify the highlight more. I then gently pat the highlight onto the high point of the cheek, and up into reverse c shape, up to my temples and keep repeating until I have achieved the colour and shine I want. And then onto the apples of my cheek I use the highlight from my makeup revolution to give a last little pop! 

There you have it! The lit cheek look! Perfect for an any Christmas selfie!! Let me know how you get on with this or if you have any other looks you would like!

B l o g m a s

We wish you a merry blogmas….so what is blogmas?? Well I’m super new to this! I’ve been chatting to fellow bloggers and have been convinced to give it a go. So basically,  I will blog everyday! Yep……every, single, day! Here’s hoping I don’t run out of content! 

I will try and keep it different everyday! I will include some Christmas fashion, Christmas fitness and some of what I’ve been upto during the run up to Christmas with my little buddy. 

I’m very excited though to say that me and my travel buddy are off to a Christmas market this weekend so I’m hoping to find lots of goodies and content to blog about.

Thanks for reading my first blogmas post! Here’s to a happy blogmas, and hopefully here’s to lots of content! Cheers!! If anyone has any ideas to share with me or you would like to see, do let me know!