Wood watches, wood you?

Firstly, yes that was a hilarious pun….now we can be serious….

I was so lucky to be contacted by the lovely people at JORD watches whom offered me a watch, and a chance for one of my followers to win a $100 gift card just by clicking this link: https://www.woodwatches.com/g/riocorbett

How good is that!

These watches were something I had seen online but never seen in person and I was so surprised at how lightweight these feel and how comfortable they are. I’ve only worn it for 2 days and had so many lovely compliments! It’s so unique and different that I already love wearing it and can see it becoming a permanent fixture on my wrist!

Do click the giveaway link, below also, to win a chance to have the voucher as then you too can own one of the beauties! They come with oil and a cloth to keep it looking it’s best and it’s own little booklet on do and dont’s to keep it in perfect condition.

Here is the link again for a chance to win! https://www.woodwatches.com/g/riocorbett


November favourites…

Hi and welcome to my November favourites! Keep reading to see what items I’ve been loving/trying out this November!

My first product I’ve been loving this sleepy lotion/cream from lush, I have made a more in depth post about this if you want to take a look. It’s really helped me sleep deeper and wake up more refreshed!

My second item was bought on a whim to make up my order to get free delivery! It’s the LA girl concealer. I’ve had their colour corrected before so had always wanted to to the ‘normal’ concealer and I’m glad I did, it’s great coverage and for the price (under £5) it’s a bargain!

Now my next item is my favourite….something I had wanted for ages and was so happy when it popped up when it was Black Friday and I got a bargain! I got my hands on a morphe palette and these colours are me in a palette…especially for the bargain price of £11.50….thankyouuu beauty bay!

Another makeup palette I’ve got my hands on is the makeup revolution brighter than your future highlight palette! I have done a blog post and a YouTube video on (https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCQHbLYeqZwyOscFpw8VF21g?layout=mobile&client=mv-google) explaining how much I love it and what to do with the shades you may not use so you get the most out of your £15

The last item on my list is skincare. I was contacted by this brand called ‘luvenesco’ and asked if I wanted to try out their product and I was more than happy too! It’s a retinol hydrating cream so it adds moisture and it’s anti-ageing too….perfect for winter!

Phone case heaven!

A few weeks ago I was introduced to this company after I was lucky enough to win an insta competition! I love phone cases and think they are such a cute way of expressing yourself so I was so happy when the lovely people at Sophie Elizabeth messaged me congratulating me and offering me a choice of case! 

I chose this 'stay bad ass' case as I loved the colour and design and it's a mantra I like to live by haha! Everyone needs to be a bit bad ass!! 

I chose the case in the 'tough' design. This means it's reinforced and has a rubber style cover as well as the plastic casing so my phone is super safe now….perfect for a clumsy user like me!! The people I spoke to where so lovely and they do such a great range of cases! I will pop a link below if anyone fancies checking them out…..I would!  


B o o t s 

These boots….these boots have appeared on my insta and on my feet and I get a lot of people asking me where they are from. I have people comment on insta and ask me when I wear them, ‘where are they from?’ 

Well I can happily reveal…..they are from……primark!!!! And are only £10……yep that’s right!!!! 

So now you have the answer, it’s times to style them! I take advice and a style nod from Lydia Elise Millen and Chloe Helen miles when it comes to these boots. I keep it simple with a pair of black skinny jeans or black biker jeans and a nice winter jacket! My go to right now is my leather jacket and a fur gilet layered but these boots are so style neutral and work with so many clothes and jacket styles. They are perfect, literally perfect! £10, you can’t go wrong. They look expensive, stylish and such awesome value! 

What I love about these types of boots is the fact that it cuts off at the ankle and therefore it makes your legs look longer! Don’t ask me how, it just does so it’s perfect for balancing out a 3/4 length coat. These rarely leave my feet now as they are so comfy and pretty! 

Come at me winter……me and my bargain boots are ready for you!!! 

If you like the boots too, let me know 😘

P r i m a r k

Primark….not the first place you would think of for makeup let alone makeup brushes?! But is that set to change with their new p.s range of makeup and accessories? I bought a selection of their brushes to try and to review and give you my honest option. Allbrushes are under £4 each so let’s see how they fair against my face and other brushes……

I have purchased 4 brushes but some of these are clever and are double ended….perfect for travelling! And I bought some lash curlers as they were rose gold and I couldn’t resist!! 

So firstly was the double ended sponge and foundation style brush. I used the brush for my cream contour application and was very pleased with it! It worked as well as my real techniques one…so that end was a winner! The sponge end though I’m afraid wasn’t so great, it actually took the makeup off my face when dampened!? They do have their own beauty blender style sponges though which you can buy separately so they may be better than this product. 

Secondly was the double eye brush, i will call it the double eye brush! It has a brush comb at one end and a fine eye brush at the other end. This was the best one! Both ends were brilliant and actually worked better than the highsteet brushes I used to use! The brush that I use to apply my brow pomade was so soft and built up the product beautifully. This one was a real winner and for £1.50….amazing!! 

My next purchase was the eyeshadow blending brush. I had been using a ruby brush from my glossybox for the last week or so, so was excited to compare them. And there is nothing negative here, they are both as good as each other and do the job perfectly, this brush I believe was £1! £1 people!!!! Such a bargain! 

Next is this contour brush. I had been using a Barry m brush for my contouring and to be fair….it has seen better days so I’ve been wanting a replacement for a while. As horrible as it is to say….bye bye Barry m….this new brush was great, a great angled brush that’s perfect for contouring! Anther winner, well done primark! 

And last but not least, the rose gold, Instagram friendly eye lash curler! This was about £1.50 again I believe and hey….it did the job! The lashes were curled and I was happy! And it’s so pretty! Makes a lovely addition to any makeup set. 

So what do I think of these brushes??? I say, Hell yeah primark! Seems as all these brushes costed me less than £10 I would say they are face friendly (apart from the sponge) and bank balance friendly! I will definetly purchase more brushes from the range as I’m super impressed with these! They didn’t malt on my face either which was a huge plus! 

Have any of you tried them? If so I would love to know what you thought! 

A s o s

As you will have seen I have developed an obsession with asos recently! And have bought 3 key winter prices from there i wanted to share with you all. I will do another post on how to wear/style these but I was so excited to get these I had to blog about them! 

Firstly, if you follow my insta (which you should rio_corbett) then you will see how obsessed I have been and still am with this bag! It’s from missguided at asos and is beautiful and my new baby! The metal chain and shoulder pad are so nice and the quilting provided a lovely detail to a classic black bag. I love it!!!!!

Next is these gorgeous black suede feel boots! I love attention to detail and the heels on these boots sold it to me and made me fall in love! Perspex heels are everywhere and this black fade in these heels is everything! They feel like I’m wearing a sock and I love them with some black skinny jeans, and although they aren’t made for distance talking (a shopping trip!) they are perfect for an evening out! 

My last item is this a-line bomber jacket. It’s so good to throw on for an extra layer during the autumn to winter transition. It fits well over a thick jumper and just completes an outfit. I have a khaki bomber but this one seems better for winter and more wearable as the weather changes its mind every hour!

Visit asos.com for all these goodies! 

And follow me on insta rio_corbett for more things fashion and beauty related! 

J a m e s  V i a n a 

This is a post about a lovely jewellery company I was recently contacted by. They simply asked me to look at there website and to see what I thought of their products. And I adored what I saw! Such a beautiful range of jewellery! They even selling gemstone jewellery which is a big love of mine. 

After speaking to the team, who are very friendly and lovely to deal with, I was sent a beautiful garnet ring. This stone happens to be my mothers birthstone so it instantly feels very special to me. 

Their tagline is that they  want to make ‘every woman feel beautiful’ and in this ring I certainly do! It’s well made and very eye catching. I’ve already had people compliment me on it. It comes in a white presentation jewellery box, along with a black presentation bag and black and white tissue paper, they’ve basically done the wrapping for you! It’s a very smart looking gift that anyone would be happy to receive. They also give 10% of their profit to women’s charities which is a very lovely thing to do for a large company. They stand for making ethically sources stone and making women feel beautiful, this is shown by this statement on their page ‘If you are looking for genuine gemstone jewellery made with the purest sterling silver, look no further than James Viana. We are passionate about Gemstones and love bringing to you the best from around the world. With every piece of Jewellery you buy, you help us help someone, as we give 10% of our profits to causes for women. Hope you feel beautiful, we surely do.’

It’s nearly Christmas and with such a wide range of jewellery ranging in prices they are well worth a look and make lovely gifts for all the family! Hint hint! 

I have posted a link below to the website and they have also given me a discount code JVBO20% which will give you lovely people some money off your purchases.