2018…..lets go!

Yes it’s another 2018 post….now we have addressed that let’s get down to it! I’m not normally a new year new me kinda gal…so I’m setting goals and aims instead!

January is a month of ‘new things’ for me! I’m getting new hair, starting a new gym and oh yeah….A NEW JOB!!!! I’ve had my hair cut shorter so it healthier for when I go lighter/blonder. I’m finally getting back into the gym after a few health issues (I will vlog about this so keep checking the channel) and finally, I leave my job and branch into the world of travel!

First goal….A new job can be nervous enough, let alone stepping into an industry I know very little about. I have been to 3 countries in my whole life but decided to go for it and try something different. I went for a job I had no experience in but thought it sounded like an amazing career! I had 3 interview stages and literally screamed on the train when I had the phone call to congratulate me! And then the nerves set in! Was I good enough, why chose me? And finally can I do this?! And YES, yes I can and my goal is to excel at this and embrace the change.

Second goal….Gym. Getting back and getting healthy again. I’m not over weight and I know that, if anything it’s more for my mental health and the social side of things, so this week I’m going back and hoping to smash it and keep going and to try the classes and help to improve my health and maybe even take up yoga again!

Third goal….Social media. Yes I said it and call me shallow but hear me out…. I mean my blog and YouTube side of things. I want to keep blogging and expand my YouTube and keep making content and videos and growing! Search for me on YouTube: rio corbett and come and join my family and journey!

4th goal….Qualifications. This year I will complete a mental health awareness course. This qualification will be so beneficial not only for myself but so I can help others. Whether it be professionally or by helping family and friends. I know it will help me to help people and that’s a pretty cool qualification and ability to have if you ask me!

5th and final goal….Holiday. I’m really hoping this year will be the year me and olli have a holiday! We haven’t been away together for 5 years due to work and other issues so I’m hoping this year will be our year and we get away.

Let me know any goals/aims you guys have…and how you are going to smash them! Let’s do this….



Herbalife….a brand a lot of people have an opinion on and like most ‘health conscious’ people I was keen to try these. I wanted to try them and see how it compared taste wise to my usual protein shake.

I was asked which flavour i wanted to try and was instantly drawn to the cookies and cream as it sounded like something sweet and which I would love. It comes in a large white container and you get a lot of product! It’s doesn’t come with a scoop but all you need is a tablespoon measure and you have the correct amount needed! Just mix with 250ml of milk and you are good to go! It tastes the same as my usual protein shakes and as a meal replacement it did leave me full and I felt like I could go until lunchtime without ‘flagging’ or needing a pick me up.

If like me you love a treat then get ready for a healthy version of a naughty classic….I like to turn this into a little semi healthy treat by dipping my cookies into it. You could add some cream and waldon farm syrup for a really indulgence style (and not too bad) for you treat, that’s what I will be doing soon! A semi healthy freak shake….yes please!!

Slim life tea

Slim life tea….oh another slimming tea I hear you say….and I too was sceptical! All I ever hear about these drinks is that they are full of laxatives and make your stomach feel like a washing machine….until I found this one!

This is from China….the Chinese tea called oolang tea, a red tea that is laxative free…..hooray! It is great for people with digestive issues and helps not only promote a better digestive system but it’s also good for your mental alertness and is full of antioxidants so it’s great for your skin, bones and cardio vascular system bonus!

In the first week I did notice a change in my stomach, I wasn’t as bloated as usual and the familiar stomach pains i had grown to expect every evening were gone! I didn’t chose this tea to lose weight but to try and beat the bloat and also help my digestive system a little.

I have to say that on the completion of the 28 days, I did notice a difference to my digestive system, I.e less bloating and I did also lose 4lbs!

If anyone wants to look further into this tea then please click below:


I was sent this item

A new week…

So last week, after watching one of my fav youtubers go vegan for a week I decided to look at my diet, and see if I could make any changes, and it was timed perfectly with the fact that I needed to do a food shop! This post is a bit different, no pics just an honest account of how my good switch went!

Firstly, I switched most of my milk products for nut milk and instead of a milkshake treat I bought soya strawberry milk, and to my surprise I really enjoyed the strawberry milk! I've always enjoyed a nut milk with my porridge and pancakes so this wasn't a bad switch at all!

My next switch was meat….I only ordered 1 item of red meat (steak obviously haha) and the rest of my meat was turkey mince, lean and low fat, and quorn mince and quorn burgers. Quorn mince is so great if you are mixing it with a strong flavour, I.e spag Bol, fajitas etc but being severely aneamic I needed some red meat as so I didnt become even more fatigued or unwell. I've also made a veggie curry with chickpeas, lentils and sweet potatoes too which was so good! I love curry as the flavour is so intense that you don't need meat to make or taste good!

I also ordered sugar free jelly and fage yoghurt to keep any snack cravings at bay. I love having my fage yoghurt with berries and pecan nuts so good for a snack and to keep those sugar levels up in a good way!

I've also started taking my lunch into work….tuna sandwiches, tuna pesto pasta and my yoghurt berries or protein bar. This has really helped me stay on track with my changes. I've also cut out 'extra sugar' I.e not buying sweets/chocolate out and stopping buying goodies for the evening, and I limited my cheat meal to once a week….it's a takeaway and pick and mix this weekend 👌🏽

This week I've really noticed a difference in my body….I am no longer a bloated painful hot mess at the end of the night and I've lost 1lb pound….I didn't do this for weight loss but to see if there was any proof in the claims about dairy and red meat and that they do mess your skin up, bloat you and can make you sluggish. I have to say I also feel fatigued and run down/in pain due to my illness' but the lack of bloating and not feeling sluggish (stomach wise) has been great and I'm loving it! I will be keeping up these adjustments and can't wait to keep this bloat free lifestyle haha!

If anyone else makes these changes let me know! Or has any suggestions for me to try/change then please comment and let me know!!

Healthy brekkie ideas!

Many people struggle with breakfast and it can be a very boring, mundane, run of the mill thing….but let’s stop that! I have a few healthy breakfast ideas/recipes for you to try to not only have a taste sensation but a burst of healthiness at the same time! 

Firstly, baked avacados! Yes I’m blogger therefore I love avacado….Jokes/stereotypes aside, avacados are great! And here is a simple way to mix it up! Cut the avacado in half and remove the stone! Scoop half the flesh out and put to one side, crack and egg into each half and place in the oven at 180 degrees for 15 mins. With the left over avacado, toast some wholemeal bread and spread it over the toast. Once the avacados are cooked then place them on the toast and cut open and let the yolk be freeeee! 

Next is porridge, oh boring porridge….NO stop! By adding nut milk to it, it can instantly take on a different taste! My favourite is oats, coconut or almond milk, blueberries, sugar free syrup and a sprinkling of nuts!

A smoothie! Now this is great if you want a quick lift breakfast or even something quickly for after a workout if you need to dash off elsewhere! Again I’m going to recommend a nut milk, I’m a lover of coconut or almond milk in this! As I like to add a scoop of my vanilla protein and a few big handfuls of your choice of berries, I’ve chosen raspberries, strawberries and blueberries for some great antioxidants and lovely summery taste!

Protein pancakes!! A great low carb alternative to the normal pancake! I use 2 egg whites and 1 egg yolk, a banana, a scoop of vanilla whey protein and 2 handfuls of oats to help thicken the mixture. These cool so quickly so you need to watch the pan whilst these are cooking, no more than 30 seconds or on each side! Pour the batter into 3 circles and pop a few blueberries on top and watch them until little bubbles appear…and then flip…and the stack and eat! I would include a pic but no one wants a pic of pancakes to make them hungry haha! 

Gym clothes…are they necessary?

Can wearing nicer workout gear make you ‘gym’ better? Well I personally think, YES!!  Gym clothes/workout wear nowadays is amazing! Its full of amazing technologies and fabrics that not only make you look good but help you workout better! Now I’m not saying to go and drop £100’s on gym gear if you cant afford it as gym membership themselves can be pretty expensive, but even places like primark do some aesthetically pleasing gym items that look great and will boost your mood and your workout! 

If you feel good about how you look you walk taller and smile a bit bigger right? So why not take that ethos into the gym? If you feel good about how you look in your nice gym gear you will feel more motivated and push yourself that little bit more! We all know that gyms can be a scary place so why not buy a nice 2 piece set and smash it and sweat in style. 

I know if I go to the gym in a baggy t-shirt and horrible baggy bottoms then I don’t feel motivated and I just want to leave, but if I go in my decent work wear and feeling good, then I lift bigger and better. Gym clothes/active wear come in all sizes and for all body types. You take pride in your appearance everywhere else in your life so why not take pride here and you will find yourself doing a few more squats, wanting to go often and losing those pounds or growing those muscles! Whatever your goals, aim for them…go for them….achieve them! 


Boditone-Guest Post!


Is your diet and exercise routine really healthy?  I’m guessing if you are reading this you are probably in your 20’s, a time when you feel appearance is all important. You may even now be in the midst of carb cycling, quitting sugar, no carbs, clean eating, HIIT training, Cross-Fit, Bodypump or one of the many other promised routes to a better body. Congratulations you are motivated and committed to a healthy lifestyle; you have created good habits, making you stick to your routines which in turn will lead to you reaching your goals. What happens though if those habits are not so good after all and have quietly turned into an unhealthy obsession. They have started to intrude more and more into your day and are actually now starting to interfere with how you live your life because you are mentally/emotionally or physically being held prisoner to act on the obsession to carry out the habit you have created.

 Hobby/Habit/Obsession – surely they are all the same thing?  Well yes you could say they are, but to varying degrees, it’s very easy to disguise an unhealthy obsession as a healthy habit. The difference lies in if we feel anxious or maybe even angry if we fail to make the habit part of our day.  

 Hobby: something we do for pleasure in our spare time which is not detrimental to our wellbeing.

 Habit: something we do on a regular basis with very little conscious thought, like brushing your teeth or locking the front door. Good or bad habits are made through repetition of a task, they take a while to form and can take equally as long to break.​

 Obsession: A pressure to carry out a habit that might not necessarily be good for us, but with no way to stop yourself from carrying on, often leading to anger or anxiety if the habit cannot be acted upon.

Speaking from experience.  I have stepped over the line myself and know how quickly something that started as a healthy habit can get out of hand. My unhealthy obsession with food and exercise began at a young age with a throwaway comment that lead to me thinking I needed to lose some weight. It all started well and I liked the results that it was having on my body, I’m not even sure when it became an obsession, but I began to worry more and more that I would put on weight, so restricted food even more. I was at a dangerously low weight, it was a very worrying time for my mum who tried everything to convince me to eat, I would become angry and defensive every time good was mentioned. I consider myself lucky in that life in my late teens life suddenly became more interesting than my obsession, unfortunately it did leave me with very disordered eating patterns which meant for years I had no real idea of how to eat a healthy diet and it became very much an all or nothing approach leading to me experiencing varying sizes.

You would think I had learned my lesson, but no unfortunately I hadn’t, I then discovered the gym, it quickly became an obsession to the extent I was working out seven days a week and sometimes twice a day, with no rest. it was exhausting and took over my life to such an extent that I started to become ill physically and mentally. The toll it took on my body was immense, so rather than creating a healthy toned body I was creating a body that was letting me down, I had constant colds, my body couldn’t perform the workouts I wanted to do, so ultimately something that was supposed to be doing me good was having the opposite effect. Again want stopped this vicious circle was life, thankfully I met my husband and suddenly I didn’t have the time or inclination to carry on with my obsession. I honestly cannot tell you if my obsessions are a coping mechanism linked to my turbulent teenage years or if it’s just the way I am made, maybe I will always have to keep a check on myself with regards to habits that I create.

How to recognise if your healthy habit has turned bad.  So has your healthy habit turned into an unhealthy obsession, it can be hard to recognise when it’s cloaked in being good for you, you can tell the difference between the two by recognising how easy it is to stop or skip the habit. 

 So if you find yourself doing any of the following, you might want to reconsider if what you are doing is actually healthy after all….

1.If you’re stuck for time and the choice between a coffee with friends or an hour on the gym? You choose the gym.  

2.If you get stressed if you don’t do your usual exercise routine.  You have to burn a certain number of calories before you leave the gym.

3. You know that you have a slight obsession with the scales, you are on them every day

This list is by no means exhaustive and is actually based on some of my past personal obsessions, 

Road to Recovery……

If you have realised that maybe you are in the grips of an obsession there is no easy answer to break the cycle, I did manage it on my own, for others it takes the help of professionals. I now look back with regret at the hours wasted in the gym or worrying about maintaining a ridiculous exercise regime. It was all such a waste of time, now with a more relaxed approach I am fitter and healthier than I was in my twenties. The lack of food and extreme exercise did not result in me having a better body, what has helped is gaining knowledge about how to eat well and exercise efficiently.

There is so much misinformation surrounding diets and exercise that it’s no wonder people get sucked into the latest fad, especially if it offers a quick fix. Sadly a quick fix doesn’t always lead to long term results and can start a horrible cycle of looking for the next wonder idea that promises miracles. This can lead to all sorts of problems, setting you up with an unhealthy mind set of believing you need to be following hard, possibly damaging routines to maintain your size and shape. 

Some of the things I wish I had known……

 Food – you can’t go too wrong with three well balanced meals a day, skipping meals will lead to you reaching for something to fill the gap – setting you up for a disordered eating pattern.

Drinking more water and getting more sleep will really help with maintaining a healthy weight.

Alcohol and smoking will not only impact on your health, even if you don’t feel the effects now, it will catch up with you. It also shows in your face and will definitely have an effect on how your skin ages.

Don’t compare yourself to others, we are all unique, have different attributes, body shapes and abilities, chances are the part of you that you have hang ups about, no has even noticed until you point them out, instead point out your good bits and appreciate what your mind and body is capable of. It’s not until maybe illness strikes that we realise how amazing it feels to be well and healthy and how fantastic our bodies really are.


Please visit them on social media @boditone and also at https://www.boditone.co.uk/

We all know how important being healthy is during the day, eat well, drink water and keep active….yes we all know that! But what a lot of us don’t do is to make sure we are healthy at night….and by that i mean sleeping well. 

After a good gym session a good night sleep is essential. My usual routine is shower, wash makeup off in the shower with a facial wash and then after using miceller water and applying my moisturiser…. there is nothing I love more than climbing into bed after the gym  and getting a good night sleep! It’s when you rest, recover and repair and making sure you get at least 8 hours of that is a good idea! Your muscles will be happier, your brain will be alert, and your skin will also thank you as well! 

I was very lucky to have been sent this room spray. I love room sprays and anything that makes my room smell nice and relaxing for bedtime! This has 12 essential oils in it and smells so ‘spa like’ I can smell the lavender and it instantly relaxes me and makes me calm and ready to rest! It also has my favourite smell sandalwood in, so it’s a real winner! 

This is kept on my bedside table and just before I take my makeup off, I spray this in 4 corners of the room and my room is left smelling so relaxing and calming that I just can’t wait to get into bed and peacefully drift off!

This spray and lots of other health related products are available: http://www.puressentiel.com/uk/

And they also available in boot stores too so go check them out and sleep well!