Lip bakerie

So I have a love for liquid lipsticks and I’m always on the hunt for a new one! I’m always hunting for ones that are long lasting and the perfect ‘nude’ and ohhhh I may have found it!!! 

I had heard all about this product and it’s ‘stayability’ so after a short deliberation on cult beauty I went for fortune cookie. I didn’t buy the special wipes as according to the reviews, they weren’t necessary and a normal shop bought cleaner would remove it, which was true. A scrub of micellar water does help to remove it 🙂 

This was a lovely nude shade! I applied 2 layers and was so impressed!! I had it on for 12 hours….ate 2 meals and had various drinks and it hasn’t moved! It’s didn’t crack or peel and nor did it dry my lips out. It was so comfortable and a dream to wear! 

It was £16 and I think you really get your money’s worth here as it’s so good and so easy to wear! The shade to is a great brown-y nude that I feel would suit most skin tones. I purchased mine from cult beauty….go check them and this gray brand out!!


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