Healthy brekkie ideas!

Many people struggle with breakfast and it can be a very boring, mundane, run of the mill thing….but let’s stop that! I have a few healthy breakfast ideas/recipes for you to try to not only have a taste sensation but a burst of healthiness at the same time! 

Firstly, baked avacados! Yes I’m blogger therefore I love avacado….Jokes/stereotypes aside, avacados are great! And here is a simple way to mix it up! Cut the avacado in half and remove the stone! Scoop half the flesh out and put to one side, crack and egg into each half and place in the oven at 180 degrees for 15 mins. With the left over avacado, toast some wholemeal bread and spread it over the toast. Once the avacados are cooked then place them on the toast and cut open and let the yolk be freeeee! 

Next is porridge, oh boring porridge….NO stop! By adding nut milk to it, it can instantly take on a different taste! My favourite is oats, coconut or almond milk, blueberries, sugar free syrup and a sprinkling of nuts!

A smoothie! Now this is great if you want a quick lift breakfast or even something quickly for after a workout if you need to dash off elsewhere! Again I’m going to recommend a nut milk, I’m a lover of coconut or almond milk in this! As I like to add a scoop of my vanilla protein and a few big handfuls of your choice of berries, I’ve chosen raspberries, strawberries and blueberries for some great antioxidants and lovely summery taste!

Protein pancakes!! A great low carb alternative to the normal pancake! I use 2 egg whites and 1 egg yolk, a banana, a scoop of vanilla whey protein and 2 handfuls of oats to help thicken the mixture. These cool so quickly so you need to watch the pan whilst these are cooking, no more than 30 seconds or on each side! Pour the batter into 3 circles and pop a few blueberries on top and watch them until little bubbles appear…and then flip…and the stack and eat! I would include a pic but no one wants a pic of pancakes to make them hungry haha! 


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