Primark fitness! 

So everyone knows about primark and thier designer dupe clothing pieces and everyone has blogged/vlogged/tried thier makeup so i decided to give thier fitness range ago! 

I opted for a pair of leggings and a pair of shorts as they are the most wearable items, and at less than £8 per item the price is reasonable too! They come in a range of great colours and patterns so are very aesthetically pleasing! 

I put both items through various exercises and yoga routines to see how they held up….held up being the key word as this sadly was not what the leggings did! I felt very self conscious that they were slipping downwards shall we say!! Also stretching in them was a problem….they felt like they would rip any second and didn’t have much ‘give’ in them. 

As the summer is coming and we are getting the odd few super warm days, I feel myself wanting to train/run in shorts. I picked up these grey shorts and also put them through thier paces! 

These shorts are a new favourite of mine, they fitted well and stretched to meet my high demands of squats and poses! And again seems as these were less than £8….these are great! I highly recommend these, and although the leggings aren’t for me they have so many items in thier fitness range and the tops/sports bras looked very nice and worth the money! 

Has anyone else tried anything from the primark fitness range? Or have any of you come across any high street fitness ranges I should be checking out??


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