First blogger event! 

Soooo last week I attended my first blogger event! It was an event hosted by a lovely clothing shop near me called plum boutique (link below) we were asked to come to a special evening to see thier lovely collection of clothes and jewellery. 

I was very nervous to attend the event due to my health problems and I get very nervous meeting new people incase I lose my speech or have a seizure but I was so glad I went and conquered that fear as the girls were lovely and there was even a pop up brow stand and nibbles and bubbles to keep us entertained. The store is set out beautifully with lovely pieces and unique items! 

They were so kind and gave us a special discount for an purchases we made that evening! We were spoilt for choice. I picked up these beaitful unique earrings and I’ve had many compliments when wearing them, you can see them (and more pics of the evening) on my Instagram!

Go and check them out, you won’t regret it!

They are also on Instagram for more outfit and jewellery inspiration

My insta is

Have any of you been to a blogger event?? 


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