So recently I was very lucky to have the chance to work with anatomicals uk, a skin brand I had been a fan of for a while. They have such great coloured packaging and great times for those products! They asked me what kind of items I would like to be sent and after being spoilt for choice by their website and list of great products, I was sent more than I expected which was so kind! 

I really suffer with my under eyes so I was so happy to be sent a relaxing eye Mask and these great ‘puffy the eye bag slayer’ under eye patches that really help brighten your under eyes! And after a busy weekend I think we could all do with some help there! 

I was also sent some lovely face masks, that were again comically named! And my fav was the hydrating mask….gave me some serious Hawaii vibes!! And lastly I was lucky enough to be sent a great lip balm which is more like a lipgloss consistency but so nourishing and lovely on the lips and with a summery cherry smell too…..what’s not to love! 

You can buy there products from Amazon or by clicking on the link below:

Or visit their insta page! 


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