May favourites!

So this is my May favourites…a round up of products and things and discovered and/or loved this last month. 

We will start off with a weather related item….the outside and taking your workouts outside! When it gets warm people don’t like to be inside so why not combine fitness and the sun and take those weights outside! I love working outside, it’s great to be amongst nature and exercise at the same time, I find it somewhat relaxing and it makes me a lot more happier and motivated! I love the sun….wish we had more of it! Haha!

Next up is makeup…I recently had a little boots trip and picked up some grey products and it included my loves….nudes! Yeah I love nudes….nude lips are my fav and I’ve added 2 more to my vast collection! I was in love with these shades when L’Oréal bought this range out and I knew I needed at least 1! I’ve gone for dead lips which is a slightly darker nude which I feel works much better with my skin tone! I had seen Lydia Elise millen talk about this range so instantly I had to go and make a purchase! 

This next one is something i discovered about a month ago….and I’m converted! The colour is perfect for me and it lasts all day! All flipping day! I’ve had huda lipsticks that’s haven’t last half as long as this! It’s so good and a staple nude for me! 

And to go with a nude lip, a nude lip liner is a must! I’ve recently found this one, ‘london’, at my local nyx counter and it’s so similar to ‘stripdown’ from Mac and at over half the price it’s a good dupe and so long lasting! Nyx always win at lip products and this one is no exception! 

My last product from my shop was this nyx eyebrow pencil in brunette, it reminds me of the benefit products as it’s so precise, which you can see by the picture how fine the ‘pencil’ part is. Nyx have really upped there game now and have firmly established themselves as a brilliant affordable makeup brand. Holly boon has just done an awesome vlog about this brand and being a long term lover of this brand I’m so happy they’re getting the praise they deserve!

The sun! I have been loving the sun the last month! It’s finally starting to show itself lovely, glowy warm self and I couldn’t be happier! I love being out in the warmth and I think it makes everyone a little more happier and makes everywhere look a little nice with a sunny glow! Plus it means I can get out and do more beach shoots which are my favourite! 

Now onto the last thing….skincare, this is something I have been using for a couple of months now and can’t thank it enough! I’m so glad I discovered rose water! It’s s so cheap (£1 from a supermarket in the ‘foreign food’ aisle’ and I swear it one the major things that have helped switched up and changed my skin. It’s brightened it up so much and it has such a refreshing smell! 


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