Gym clothes…are they necessary?

Can wearing nicer workout gear make you ‘gym’ better? Well I personally think, YES!!  Gym clothes/workout wear nowadays is amazing! Its full of amazing technologies and fabrics that not only make you look good but help you workout better! Now I’m not saying to go and drop £100’s on gym gear if you cant afford it as gym membership themselves can be pretty expensive, but even places like primark do some aesthetically pleasing gym items that look great and will boost your mood and your workout! 

If you feel good about how you look you walk taller and smile a bit bigger right? So why not take that ethos into the gym? If you feel good about how you look in your nice gym gear you will feel more motivated and push yourself that little bit more! We all know that gyms can be a scary place so why not buy a nice 2 piece set and smash it and sweat in style. 

I know if I go to the gym in a baggy t-shirt and horrible baggy bottoms then I don’t feel motivated and I just want to leave, but if I go in my decent work wear and feeling good, then I lift bigger and better. Gym clothes/active wear come in all sizes and for all body types. You take pride in your appearance everywhere else in your life so why not take pride here and you will find yourself doing a few more squats, wanting to go often and losing those pounds or growing those muscles! Whatever your goals, aim for them…go for them….achieve them! 



3 thoughts on “Gym clothes…are they necessary?

  1. I wear sprts bra cos it keeps my boobs on its place. 😂 I dont know if its a thing, but i feel its not good for them to jump like crazy,when im doing my cardio… Great post, have a good day!

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  2. I’m the same, I love wearing bright colours to the gym. I can’t wait to reduce the fat around my core, so I can wear the crop tops I have.


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