Friction Free Shaving

So recently after watching ‘imogenation’s vlog I decided to look into a ‘friction free shaving’ box. Its a monthly subscription box that delivers you razors every month!  You can choose which price plan is right for you, and with the most expensive only being £8.99 it’s very affordable and potentially cheaper than your usual razor brand! 

In the first box you get the shaver body and 4 razors and then from each further month you will recieve 4 razors, one for each week and being a ‘venus’ girl myself I was so pleased with the quality of razors for the price! I’ve gone for the ‘samantha’ package which is the 5 blade razor and it’s so good! Works just as well as my usual brand and is cheaper, and it saves me having to go into town for them or having to use a blunt one if I’m out of razors… handy! 

Like the sound of this? It’s perfect for a self confessed lazy girl like myself! Fancy looking into them….then click here for more information!

Please note I pay for this box myself so it’s in no way an ad or in any way have I been gifted this at all….it’s all off my own back and I’m so happy with this find! 


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