My skin care routine!

This post is about skincare, and in particular how I turned my skin around. Now I won’t lie, I’m not posting a skin pic here because it’s something im very self conscious about, which is why I wanted to Change it! I won’t leave the house without makeup on due to my skin being scarred and having adult acne.  But I took steps to change it! I bought la Roche posay 3 step system as that was the turning point. That really helped my skin and my scars out! That was a month long programme and I how at saw results! I then decided that I didn’t want to go back to my old red, scarred spotted skin. So I gave myself a skin routine… 25 this was something i had never done! That skin programme now run its course and I’m all out! So for my daytime skin routine I wear their tinted moisturiser and wear it everyday under my makeup like a primer/moisturiser. I also use thier pore reducing and mattifying cream daily too! This combination ensures that my skin is always working to reduce the scars and blemishes and keeps it super soft too! 

At night time as my skin is oily I don’t like to wear a thick moisturiser as I find it breaks me out so I keep it simple! I take my makeup off with garnier micellar water and lukewarm water, then use my vitamin e facial wash and then use my ‘magic spray’ I read a lot into skin care and to what my skin needed, so I made myself something instead of applying 3 separate products and over loading and layering my skin. I have a simple spray bottle and in it I mix rose water, tea tree oil and bio oil. Give it a shake to mix the products and mist away and I swear this has been the game changer for me! My scars are going (bio oil) and so is my redness (rose water) and it’s really helping to combat my oiliness so much, and I don’t get half as many breakouts (tea tree oil) 

Now this combination may not work for everyone but i had bad skin, and I mean bad! We are talking serious mountains, you girls know….when you have a horrible cluster of spots and you try so hard to cover them and it’s not a good look! But from doing research I found out that minor adult acne is something that doesn’t always need steroids and medical treatment it’s sometimes us plying our skin with bad blocking products that we think are good but in fact are doing the opposite and making you more despondent about your skin and your appearance!
Now I’m all for feeling good in your own skin.

 But I know how depressing bad skin can be and what a confidence knocker it is and I have suffered for it, but I hope this post can help someone or give you ideas on how maybe you can help you and your skin 🙂 


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