Technic cosmetics 

So recently I was sent 2 lovely parcels from the people at technic cosmetics. They included a mascara, 2 highlighters (pink and gold), a powder brush, eyeshadow primer, colour correcting powder and a juicy stick. 

I was so excited to try these and out and I was not disappointed at all! The highlighters are so lovely and pigmented. The gold is more suited to my skin tone and I love the glow it gives me, perfect for showing off a tan! 

I was also gifted with some great eye products, the shadow primer is so good and really gives any glitter shadow and extra punch! The mascara is also great, so much curl for so little money!! I am also a big lover of the yellow correction powder, I use it everyday to help conceal my bags!  I lightly dust it under my eyes before ‘baking and setting’ them!

The brush I was sent is one of those big old fluffy brushes that’s great for powder, it doesn’t malt either over my fave which is always a winner haha! 

Now we are on to my fav…..the juicy stick! This is beautiful! The colour is lovely, just right for my skin tone and I get so many compliments when wearing it! It’s a dupe/in the style of the Clinique chubby sticks but I feel I would opt for this as it has moisture and and stays on so well! 

I am so happy to have been chosen by this brand and can’t recommend them enough and thank them enough for introducing me to them and their products! 


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