Are they worth it??

If you know, then you know… know Charlotte Tilbury is a legend when it comes to makeup. I made the leap the other day and bought my First lipstick!

I purchased Kim k.w from the k.i.s.s.i.n.g hot lips range. It’s has a satin/glossy style finish and is meant to be the ‘perfect nude’ and I would say it is one of the nicest nudes I’ve ever worn! It’s a lovely peachy, pink, nude colour and would suit a lot of skin colours I feel. 

It was Ā£25 and there are various different postage services. I also got to chose a few samples too which is such a nice touch!! And then they threw in a few extra as an added bonus! I got 4 lip samples, a perfume sample and a concealer sample too which I’ve yet to use. 

This lipstick passed the breakfast test….and the cup of tea test, it’s stayed on! It feels so nourishing on my lips too and there is no drying feeling or anything, I love this formula! It lasted lunch and 2 more cups of tea….and I only had to re-poly it once throughout the day (after 6 hours)

Yes Ā£25 is a lot for a lipstick but I feel this one may well be worth the splurge! I will 200% be purchasing more lipsticks here and if I get the chance to get colour matched then I wouldn’t hesitate to buy some skin products as I’ve heard good things about them and apparently the gold brick highlighter is insane!! 


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