Ever had a t-shirt that you like but it’s a bit plain and a bit boring? Want to throw it away but feel it doesn’t deserve that as you may still wear it…..but secretly you are hunting online for something more up to date….well STOP! 

Don’t ditch it, diy it! I am obsessed with doing this! I love buying iron patches for my clothes. It’s such a great way to update an old piece, or bring it upto the latest trend (hellloooo appliqué and floral patches) These patches will cost you only a few pounds on eBay and they are so easy to do! 

These t-shirts took me 5 minutes…..5 minutes and now I have something totally unique and on trend and that I love! I love skulls and will happily buy most things with skulls on. 

It isn’t just boring t-shirts you can do….noooo you can make awesome designer dupes too! We are familiar with kenzo and thier tiger jumper or Gucci and the floral prints?! Well you can buy tiger patches and rose/flower patches online and iron them into any old jumper or jeans you have! And bam….an up to date, designer inspired piece for literally a few pounds! 

Now you don’t have to wear the same as everyone else or spend hundreds on designer stuff! 

Stock images were used for the bottom and feature photo. 


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