We all know how important being healthy is during the day, eat well, drink water and keep active….yes we all know that! But what a lot of us don’t do is to make sure we are healthy at night….and by that i mean sleeping well. 

After a good gym session a good night sleep is essential. My usual routine is shower, wash makeup off in the shower with a facial wash and then after using miceller water and applying my moisturiser…. there is nothing I love more than climbing into bed after the gym  and getting a good night sleep! It’s when you rest, recover and repair and making sure you get at least 8 hours of that is a good idea! Your muscles will be happier, your brain will be alert, and your skin will also thank you as well! 

I was very lucky to have been sent this room spray. I love room sprays and anything that makes my room smell nice and relaxing for bedtime! This has 12 essential oils in it and smells so ‘spa like’ I can smell the lavender and it instantly relaxes me and makes me calm and ready to rest! It also has my favourite smell sandalwood in, so it’s a real winner! 

This is kept on my bedside table and just before I take my makeup off, I spray this in 4 corners of the room and my room is left smelling so relaxing and calming that I just can’t wait to get into bed and peacefully drift off!

This spray and lots of other health related products are available: http://www.puressentiel.com/uk/

And they also available in boot stores too so go check them out and sleep well!


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