U Fit? Well yes, it is grammatically incorrect but no, I’ve not turned illiterate! Its the name of the new fitness drinks I have been trying out.  I was sent out a variety of samples from this company as I love to try new protein dinks on the market and discover new brands. I was sent the regular protein drinks which contains about 20g of protein and the high protein range which contains 50g of protein per drink.

I was sent one of each flavour to try, ranging from the usual strawberry, chocolate and banana to vanilla and iced latte ( protein coffee….that’s a winner right there!) I have found with some protein drinks that they taste really fake and especially strawberry ones can taste awfully synthetic, but these ones didn’t! The strawberry one in particular is lovely and such a great way to get my protein in and to keep the sugar cravings at bay! I also love the banana one, tastes just like a milkshake! 

These are a great accompaniment to my work outs and to sip throughout to keep my levels up! As you may have seen in my post about protein a few months ago, it so important to keep those levels up so you don’t flag and also to help support muscles and even weight loss if monitored and consumed correctly (remember I’m not a doctor, just a keen gymmer!) 

I highly recommend these drinks to anyone who is looking for a new protein drink to try as these are awesome!

They are available on amazon or from their own website: http://theproteindrinksco.co.uk/ and I believe you may even be abel to get them in some Poundland stores, so hopefully they are widely available! I hop so as I will be reaching for mine next time I want an on the go protein drink!


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