So I was super lucky the other day to be sent some products from Beverly Hills formula. I have always used their products so was so pleased to be sent thier new black range to try it! 

Charcoal is everywhere right now and so many products have it in. I was so excited to use a black toothpaste and a black mouth wash as it made me feel a bit bad-ass Haha! 

I was so impressed with it! After my first use my teeth felt shinier and cleaner and after using it twice a day for a while I can see a difference in my teeth. The stains are disappearing and they are feeling so much more cleaner. 

They also sent me another whitening toothpaste too and I’m excited to use this too as judging by the charcoal range….I’m in for another treat with this product! 

Whether you want a whiter smile for a valentines date or just to give yourself a boost….these guys are a must buy product for shiny, stain free teeth! 

These products are available widely in supermarkets and boots and Superdrug stores 🙂


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