Primark……now I’m not a massive lover or huge shopper here but every now and again they pull something amazing out of the bag. This pair of boots are amazing, a maze ing, I saw these hanging up and had to grab a pair! 

These boots are beaut! And the heel…..ohhhh the heel is gorgeous! It’s fabulously marbled and so stylish! And the zip detailing at the back too really adds something to these boots. 

Primark are so underrated sometimes for shoes. These were £15 and are perfect to see me trough the winter/spring transition and will complete so many of my outfits and look awesome teamed with my leather jacket and black skinnies ✌🏼

I can see these boots becoming big and wanted by so many as they look so much more expensive than £15 and the statement heel is everything and as you may know from my blog, I love an interesting shoe, and this is no different to any of the other shoes in my collection. Ok….1 last pic before I go…..

Let me know what you guys think….😊


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