Fully loaded……

This fitness post is for people who may not quite know what to eat for breakfast when wanting to diet. 

Breakfast is so underrated and seriously misinformed! People think skipping breakfast is a good idea to save calories….and logically yeah makes sense (just about!? Not really) but then when you grab a 250 cal choc bar and a drink with 30g of sugar in…..it doesn’t seem to make much sense really!

Now I love breakfast and personally I eat mine after the gym at about 10, this is because due to my job I don’t eat lunch at ‘lunchtime’ my lunch time is at 2.15ish! So if you can’t when you wake up, you need to eat something to get your metabolism going and to stop snacky hunger pangs! Overnight oats are so good for this and you can make them so quickly and tailor it to how you like it! And it looks cute in a mason jar haha!

My fav breakfast is the humble oats and milk, the bad boy that is porridge….which may sounds boring. But if you fully load it then it becomes awesome! I load mine with dried fruit, sugar free syrup and seeds and nuts and I love it! Like, I have an obsession and can eat 2 bowls a day, kind of obsession!  But it’s so good! 

I also like to grate an apple into my porridge and top it with cinnamon and drizzle my zero syrup over it. Such a good way to add sweetness without adding a serious amount of sugar! 

Breakfast should be eaten like a king!  Make it rich and filling and so yummy that you won’t be hungry until lunchtime and you can know that you’ve sent your body off to work with something decent, warm and nutritious inside it. It also great for having after a work out as its wholesome and Filling! Just what you need after a beasting at the gym! 

So don’t reach for a sugary cereal, reach for the oats and set yourself up right!

Zero syrups available from TPW http://www.theproteinworks.com/


2 thoughts on “Fully loaded……

  1. A good old Scottish breakfast! 💪🏼 Couldn’t agree more, breakfast is so important, I really need to get better at it. I usually wake up as late as possible for work so don’t always make time for it so it’s often a banana and tea on the bus!


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