The oval brush……

These brushes are everywhere and I had wanted to try one for so long. I was browsing in tk Maxx and found a selection so I went for the larger foundation style brush as my first one. 

I love how these make applying foundation so much quicker, saves a lot of time and didn’t seem to absorb as much product as my usual brush did. The one I got is from a company called tru beauty and it was about £7 in tk maxx. 

I did also love how easy it made contouring, by using this brush, blending takes next to no time saving you valuable minutes in the morning! I will absolutely be switching to using more of these oval brushes for my foundation and contouring so I will keep my eyes peeled for more of these and for some smaller ones for contouring smaller areas and for my eyeliner too (which I have ordered a makeup revolution one) 

These are definetly a new love of mine and something I will be investing more in! If anyone has used any great oval brush brands please let me know!! ❤️


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