Shadow Switch…

What is this? What is a shadow switch? Well let me tell you about this amazing little product I was sent the other day! It’s a super handy makeup sponge that cleans your brushes between shadow shades! It doesn’t leave your brushes wet or damp just ready to go for the next colour! 

This sponge is small but amazing! It would be really good for mua who like to create looks with several different colours as it means you don’t have to take half as many brushes with you to the location. It’s great for the everyday girl who loves being creative with her eyes but doesn’t want to have 5 different brushes to clean afterwards. To clean the sponge all you do is wash it with a fragrance free soap and leave to dry….and that’s it! 

You can buy this product here:

And I suggest you do as it’s a bit of a game changer for any makeup lover! I use mine daily now and am so thankful they sent one to me 😊

Of course for hygiene it does need to be replaced but that’s only every couple of months, and it saves so much hassle and time in the mornings! Winner in my books!


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