Highstreet Makeup

Highstreet makeup……should we be favouring expensive makeup over highstreet makeup purely because celebs endorse it and we think it’s better as it costs more? And surely if it has that hefty price tag it will be better?? No way, not always!! 

Now, firstly, I will say that don’t get me wrong with some brands you do pay for excellence and longevity, and they are worth spending that bit more on but……sometimes the highstreet bang out some great prouducts. 

Here are a few of my highstreet/drugstore brands and/or products I love…….
Freedom makeup, now these are part of a makeup family (including makeup revolution) and are relatively new to me. I have tried out their pan eyeshadows and I’m so impressed! They are as good as any other shadow I’ve bought as a bargain at £2/3 each! I have a previously posted about this too if you fancy a read!

Makeup geek. This brand is available on beauty bay and they make an aware one range of pan products (works with a magnetic palette). I am in love with their eyeshadows, £6 each, and they blend so nicely and come in an amazing range of colours. I haven’t tried thier contour powders. Bit of they are as good as the eyeshadows then I’m sure you won’t be disappointed! 

Nyx lip lingerie. Now whilst I love this brand and they have so many awesome products this is my fav and something I feel the need to rave about! These liquid lipsticks are available in a huge range of nude shades for all skin tones and have such amazing staying power and at £6.50 you can afford to try out a few shades! 

MUA, this is a brand that has been around a while but this is a slighty newer product, it’s a gold highlighter powder and it’s less than £5! I use mine with a dampened brush and I love the effect it gives me! A nice golden highlight perfect to show off those contoured cheeks. Now the gold may not be for every skin tone but they have so much variety I totally recommend checking them out! 

P.s, now this is primark and before you cringe at the thought of how cheap these brushes may be, stop! They are actually good! I have done a previous post about them, and I bought 4 or 5 and all of them I still use daily, they don’t malt and they are as good as all my other brushes, even my real technique brushes dare I say! 

And lastly, l.a girl concealers and colour correctors. Now these are a bargain! I love contouring and have tried out one of leading cream contours and now it’s running low I wanted to try out a cheaper alternative so opted for these concealers as a contouring alternative. These are £5, I believe, from beauty bay or about £3 from eBay (where I get mine from, I will link below) and I love them! I buy a light colour and a darker colour brown (chestnut) for my contouring and I get the same results as my expensive ones! 

If anyone has found any other amazing drugstore product please comment and let me know ❤️

La girl: 

Makeup geek: http://www.beautybay.com

All other brands mentioned are available at Boots, primark and Superdrug stores! 


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