F r e e d o m !!

Freedom makeup……honestly I hadn’t heard of this company until I walked into my local Superdrug and was taken in by the all glossy black products! 

The packaging is very sleek and professional looking. I was drawn to this first item, the magnetic palette for £5. I had always meant to buy a z palette but kept forgetting and today I seized the moment and bought this bargain one and its doesn’t disappoint! It’s big enough to hold a variety of sizes and products so it’s worth the money ten times over already! 

I then bought a couple of little things too, the magnetic eye shadow (the white small left one) and the larger one is a light coloured cream contour pan, and not pictured is a powder contour that I will use as an eye shadow. I always like to use them instead of eye shadows where possible as they are so matte and I love a matte brown eyeshadow! I have tried these products out and at £2-3 per product they are great! I mean there is no difference between these and my makeup geek eyeshadows and my usual drugstore contour. I have the ‘contour cosmetics’ palette and my light shade was just as good as theirs! 

I can’t shout about this brand enough! I will be back to Superdrug to buy more and they aredefinitely being added to my list of fav makeup brands! ​


Let me know if you’ve discovered this brand or comment which products you’ve tried and loved ✌🏼️


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