F e e l i n g  f e s t i v e 

So today was a ‘christmassy’ day! We went for a lovely walk with my parents and had lunch out with them too at a beautiful garden called ‘trebah gardens’ such a wonderful place for a walk and the food was soooo good!! It’s full of Christmas vibes and I swear they have captured the exact smell of Xmas too as it smells so festive and warming! I seriously recommend anyone to go there and walk, take pics of the beautiful and then fill your simachs in the cafe. They have food for everyone and the most lovely handmade cakes! Everything is freshly made and so delicious.

After the walk and food we came home and napped Haha! And then it was gingerbread house time……my fav time! Me and little buddy decorated and iced our hearts out and took one pic before it collapsed, but that was ok, as we were actually having it for dinner! 

I am shameful to say I sucked at adulting/parenting this evening as we had that house and milk for our tea and I’m contemplating a pizza delivery later……no I am having a pizza delivery later haha! 

Today has been a busy day and in comparison to normal days, it’s been a rubbish parenting day in respect of the food choices and sugar content we have consumed but hey……it’s one day and it’s nearly Xmas so yes this evening i may have sucked at parenting but I have a happy son, who is making another awesome memory 🙂


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