X m a s  F i t n e s s 

So nobody wants to think about keeping fit over Xmas really, but it’s something that you need to do if you don’t want to hit that January slump when you realise you’ve gained a few pounds and have the horrible ‘oh I’ve let myself go’ feeling. But have no fear….the fitness fairy is here! 

First thing…..breakfast! Setting yourself up right is so important. But you want something quick, easy and filling oh and of course tasty! This is something that only needs 1 hour, once a week to make!  I have posted my recipe below, it’s not my original recipe but I have adapted it to suit me and what I had! You could also swap the zero syrup for normal maple syrup but this one tastes just as good and is better for you……winner! This makes about 7 servings 🙂

Ok, so you’ve had a healthy breakfast and have a free 30 mins……it’s HIIT time! A high intensity interval workout, I love these and try and do them (alongside my normal gym workouts) every week. But that’s all you need is half an hour 4 times a week!  Oh and no gym! So it’s like a pick and mix of exercises really as all you do is choose 6-8 of the following exercises pictured below and do 3 rounds, 50 secs, 40 secs and last one is only 30 secs. Try and just have a 5-10 second break between each exercise (maximum 20 second rest so the heart rate remains raised) this will ensure you work up a sweat and keep burning calories long after you’ve finished working out. 

Walking is also a great social way to keep fit and moving over Xmas, a nice wintery Christmas walk can do wonders for the body, mind and digestive system. Get out in the fresh air, walk up and down those hills, take some out and about selfies and enjoy being active!

Switching……switching from white to brown can be a good way to reduce your sugar intake! So instead of white bread, have a nice seeded whole meal loaf or even rye bread! And switch white rice to wholgeain/wild rice or even a total switch to quinoa. A good spaghetti switch is from pasta to veg! Hello courgetti haha, this is a great low carb alternative to pasta and is so quick and easy to do with a bolognaise.

Next is will power! Now this is something I can’t wave a magical wand and grant you with. It’s something you have to harvest and stick with. People always say ‘oh go on, it’s Christmas’ but no! Stop that……you wouldn’t binge eat chocolates throughout the year so don’t do it now! I mean have a little treat but keep it minimal so it feels special when you do and you don’t get that sluggish feeling. Imagine how your poor digestive system feels when yet another load of chocolate and cake and alcohol coming down to say hi! It doesn’t feel good, and nor will you! So limit yourself, have the odd treat and by reducing it, the times out do have a treat it will feel so much better and more of a treat/reward. Especially if you have been eating well and hitting those HIIT Workouts, yes the pun was intended! 

And just remember that moderation is key over Xmas! Enjoy it, have a green tea, have a chocolate, have a drink but do it in moderation and have a holly jolly healthy Christmas! Plus being healthy over Xmas saves any extra hard work you may have had to put in over January working off aallllllll those quality streets! 

Please note……I am not qualified I am just telling you lovely people about the knowledge I have picked up and use myself so please so be careful when exercising and I hope the granola is as yummy for you as it is for me! 💫


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