D e c k  T h e  H a l l s

Today was the day…the day the tree went up! And after the drama of finding a massive spider in the box….it was time to assemble the tree! 

I don’t have a real tree, I have an artificial put together tree and I love it! 6ft of loveliness! I stick to neutral colours, black, grey, white and silve…..and glitter of course! 

I have a fav decoration I won’t lie! It’s gold and glittery and over the top! It’s a crown!! And I love it so it goes near the top in plain sight!

I’m not a fan of lots of decs cluttering up everywhere so I like to keep it simple with little touches here and there. I love my skull so had to give a Xmas twist!

I love my little front room and the tree and Xmas touches! It’s subtle yet lovely and I will be sad when I have to take them down! 

Thanks for reading day 5 of blogmas!!!


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