B o n d i  S a n d s 

Now if like me you have heard the hype about this fake tan, then you too would have been as excited as me when our local drugstore shops started selling it! With it being so cold out there now, and so many Xmas social occasions, it’s not alway practical to use a dark tan as they often have to be left on over night and you can’t do much whilst ‘baking’ oh and there is no chance of a natural suntan so it’s best to fake it until you make it to some real sun and go for a daily gradual tan. 

I decided to opt for this gradual tanning fake tan foam. I had been using the st tropez in shower tan so I was excited to see how these 2 compared. I am a lover of st tropez instant fake tan but always find their gradual tans aren’t quick dark enough for me, so was keen to try this bondi sands as its guaranteed a deeper darker gradual tan.

The formula looks like water in the bottle but when you pump the bottle it turns to foam, which admittedly does feel strange applying I won’t lie! It says to that you can get dressed when its touch dry too which is a bonus, no naked waiting time haha! I washed my hands and went to bed. It does have a strong-ish odour at first but this disappears very quickly and you aren’t left with any ‘biscuit tan’ smell.

When I woke up the next morning I could really see a tan, it was darker than the st tropez one, so this was an instant winner for me! My skin felt smooth and looked hydrated.

I have tried this product over a week, applying it gradually each night, and I am super happy with it! I will definetly be switching from st tropez to bondi sands now! And the pretty pink bottle too was a winner as it looked lovely in my bathroom haha! I can’t wait to try more from their range!


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