F e e l i n g  L i t

Well Christmas parties, family gatherings and social drinks are upon us so this post is my steps to achieving the ‘lit cheek’. Its when your cheekbones are sharp and your highlight is popping! This look goes with any eye or lip combo and is perfect for those Christmas selfies! 

My go to products for this look are my cream contour kit  mac studio sculpt and highlight and makeup revolution contour palette 

I start by contouring with my cream contour palette and do the classic ‘fish face’ to pull in my cheekbones so I can use the darker shade (bottom left) to line them ands along my hairline and temple. And then the lighter colour to under my eyes, nose and temple and chin, basically anywhere you want to lighten! If you don’t know what I mean then there are sooo many YouTube  videos to help you contour like a pro! 

Next once you’ve used the beauty blender and blended this into your foundation….it’s powder time! I use mac studio sculpt defining powder in dark and my p.s contour brush ( If you haven’t already, check my post out about these primark brushes) to go over where I cream contoured to achieve the killer cheekbone look! Make sure you blend this up into the hair line and go over any areas you ‘darker contoured’ with and blend, blend, blend!

Once I have used my Mac sculpt powder I then use a small amount of my makeup revolution contour palette. I use the darker brown shade and with my contour brush just pop this near my hair line and top of my cheek bone to really deepen the contour and add more drama and definition to my cheek bones! 

And now it’s time for the highlight! I use Mac ‘soft and gentle’ highlighter. I like to spritz my brush with a make spray to help intensify the highlight more. I then gently pat the highlight onto the high point of the cheek, and up into reverse c shape, up to my temples and keep repeating until I have achieved the colour and shine I want. And then onto the apples of my cheek I use the highlight from my makeup revolution to give a last little pop! 

There you have it! The lit cheek look! Perfect for an any Christmas selfie!! Let me know how you get on with this or if you have any other looks you would like!


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