M a r k e t s

So today was dedicated to Christmas shopping! And boy did we shop!! Oh and I went to my first Xmas market! And oh my goodness, that was such a cute experience! It was full of Christmas cheer and festive delights. And I fell in love with the market!

I went to one in Exeter and it was situated by a stunning back drop, the cathedral! It was full to the brim with goodies, food and drink and the smell was so Christmassy and tasty! All the stall were set up in little wooden style chalets and were all decorated and full with locally made or handmade gifts. I found my grandad the most unique gift too which I’m so happy about. 

I also took this opportunity to do some Christmas shopping too for my self (whilst in the town) but you can see what I bought in an upcoming post (it’s a makeup related……shocker!) 

The food stalls smelt amazing, such a huge range from pancakes to pies and cheeses to champagne, there really was something for every appetite. Even lobster! Oh yeah and an alpine style ski chalet bar. I was taken back by the beauty of some of the handmade and handcrafted gifts for sale, such detail and time. And most things were available to personalise to add and make something even more special!

I must say I am now feeling seriously Christmassy now and am more than ready to put the decs up next week!!!


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