Makeup  Revolution 

Makeup revolution is a brand I always saw in my local Superdrug and always stopped and looked but up until today, I had never made a purchase from them.
Today I was looking for a new bronzer/contour. I wanted to try and steer away from my trusty Mac bronzer and I was unable to use my normal go to, the ‘sleek’ contour palette (the cute one with 3 things in if you were wondering) and I was having a little panic as I love my contouring powders and had hit pan on all of mine! 

Whilst looking through the various brands and stands I came across makeup revolution like normal I stood and looked.  The packaging of all their products is very pretty, it’s black and gold and rose gold themes run through it. I saw a contour powder palette for I think it was either £3 or £4 I went for the darker shade as having olive skin, the lighter one which came with a rose blush wasn’t good for me. 

The one on the left is the contour shade, and it’s a rather similar colour to benefits hoola powder. It was rich in colour so i didn’t need much on my brush. It left a lovely rich colour (like hoola) and blended out like a dream! I then progressed into the middle panel, the highlighter, and oh this is pretty! It’s not an in your face highlight it’s a lovely subtle day shade that gives you a lovely glow. I then used the end shade, the ‘blush’ to help blend the 2 other together and I was so impressed with this product! 

I will however say this is not the colour palette for lighter skin shades as the colours are dark and may not work with all later skin shade! Buuuuut for me, this is another brilliant high street/drugstore buy. I will absolutely be buying this again and am so happy and surprised at this product as for under £5 it’s a awesome! 


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