S t  T r o p e z

Fake tanning whilst being in the shower?? Whaaaaaat!!!? That’s that I thought! So I was so intrigued to try st tropez’s new in shower fake tan. You literally shower, jump out for 3 mins and apply, and then jump back in and wash it off and then pat yourself dry and get dressed! Simple as that! 

Now this was an odd thing to apply! I felt I wasn’t sure if i had applied it evenly and all over as obviously it’s going on a slippery surface and mixing with water so I was cautious that I may wake up patchy! It is however a gradual tan so it shouldn’t be too obvious if I have missed a spot or too! 

Ok, so I slept….and my tan is good! It is ok, I can’t see any patches haha! As this is a gradual tan it isn’t an obvious colour but I can see a slight deepening in colour and my skin feels so smooth! 

I have been using this for a few days now and although the colour isn’t as dark as I would normally go for as I have olive skin, it is a gradual tan and i did see the colour after a few days. This is great to use as a daily light tan and as it makes your skin so smooth it will be great for applying a darker tan over the top as your skin is moisturised. 

Is this worth the money? Yes I would say so if you have light skin and want a daily light colour. My skin though was left noticeably softer and gradually tanned skin and I did like that I was able to get dressed straight after the shower and carry on with my day, exercise or whatever like normal.

I am however, trying the bondi sands gradual foam too so check back soon for my review on that and my comparison!

Anybody else tried this innovative time saving product? 💫


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