B o o t s 

These boots….these boots have appeared on my insta and on my feet and I get a lot of people asking me where they are from. I have people comment on insta and ask me when I wear them, ‘where are they from?’ 

Well I can happily reveal…..they are from……primark!!!! And are only £10……yep that’s right!!!! 

So now you have the answer, it’s times to style them! I take advice and a style nod from Lydia Elise Millen and Chloe Helen miles when it comes to these boots. I keep it simple with a pair of black skinny jeans or black biker jeans and a nice winter jacket! My go to right now is my leather jacket and a fur gilet layered but these boots are so style neutral and work with so many clothes and jacket styles. They are perfect, literally perfect! £10, you can’t go wrong. They look expensive, stylish and such awesome value! 

What I love about these types of boots is the fact that it cuts off at the ankle and therefore it makes your legs look longer! Don’t ask me how, it just does so it’s perfect for balancing out a 3/4 length coat. These rarely leave my feet now as they are so comfy and pretty! 

Come at me winter……me and my bargain boots are ready for you!!! 

If you like the boots too, let me know 😘


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