P r i m a r k

Primark….not the first place you would think of for makeup let alone makeup brushes?! But is that set to change with their new p.s range of makeup and accessories? I bought a selection of their brushes to try and to review and give you my honest option. Allbrushes are under £4 each so let’s see how they fair against my face and other brushes……

I have purchased 4 brushes but some of these are clever and are double ended….perfect for travelling! And I bought some lash curlers as they were rose gold and I couldn’t resist!! 

So firstly was the double ended sponge and foundation style brush. I used the brush for my cream contour application and was very pleased with it! It worked as well as my real techniques one…so that end was a winner! The sponge end though I’m afraid wasn’t so great, it actually took the makeup off my face when dampened!? They do have their own beauty blender style sponges though which you can buy separately so they may be better than this product. 

Secondly was the double eye brush, i will call it the double eye brush! It has a brush comb at one end and a fine eye brush at the other end. This was the best one! Both ends were brilliant and actually worked better than the highsteet brushes I used to use! The brush that I use to apply my brow pomade was so soft and built up the product beautifully. This one was a real winner and for £1.50….amazing!! 

My next purchase was the eyeshadow blending brush. I had been using a ruby brush from my glossybox for the last week or so, so was excited to compare them. And there is nothing negative here, they are both as good as each other and do the job perfectly, this brush I believe was £1! £1 people!!!! Such a bargain! 

Next is this contour brush. I had been using a Barry m brush for my contouring and to be fair….it has seen better days so I’ve been wanting a replacement for a while. As horrible as it is to say….bye bye Barry m….this new brush was great, a great angled brush that’s perfect for contouring! Anther winner, well done primark! 

And last but not least, the rose gold, Instagram friendly eye lash curler! This was about £1.50 again I believe and hey….it did the job! The lashes were curled and I was happy! And it’s so pretty! Makes a lovely addition to any makeup set. 

So what do I think of these brushes??? I say, Hell yeah primark! Seems as all these brushes costed me less than £10 I would say they are face friendly (apart from the sponge) and bank balance friendly! I will definetly purchase more brushes from the range as I’m super impressed with these! They didn’t malt on my face either which was a huge plus! 

Have any of you tried them? If so I would love to know what you thought! 


4 thoughts on “P r i m a r k

  1. I’ve been wanting to try out the eyeshadow brushes for a while, to give my trusty RT one a rest. I have the rose gold lash curlers too, they’re not as good as my usual ones and feel quite flimsy but like you say, they’re super cute so it’s all good, haha!


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