G l o s s y b o x 

Yes it’s that time again, glossybox time!!! And this month, again, was not a disappointment! It contained a pillow spray, face mask, fluffy blending brush, eye crayon and some falsies! 

I was so excited to use the face mask, so jumped in the shower, exfoliated the face and made myself make up free and face pack ready! It’s lovely and gold and glittery, and the only issue I had was that it didn’t fit my face properly so after a couple of cuts from the scissors it fitted and was on my face. I left it on for 25 mins and after a few times of having to re-adjust it I peeled it off and wow, was my skin glowing! I am so impressed with this mask, and I see why it has the £85 price tag! 

Next is a product I have always wanted to try! The pillow spray, it’s smells of lavender which is great for helping you sleep! I will be trying this tonight so check my twitter (riooo_18) and insta (rio_corbett) to see if it helped.  I’ve been sleeping terribly recently so fingers crossed for a result! 

Now onto the lashes, I did try these without having any makeup hence why there is no pic, but these are good! A lovely length and actually pretty natural looking, a look that will be perfect for my next evening out! 

Now this eye crayon, is the must have shade. It’s a khaki-grey, the colour being trumpeted by Victoria Beckahm and many runway models! It’s such a wearable colour that will suit most eye colours and can be switchers up from a subtle to dramatic smokey eye! 

And the last item is the fluffy blending brush. This is a does what is says product, helps blend those eye shadows flawlessly without malting! 

I love getting these boxes monthly and am never disappointed so if you like what you’ve read, why not sign up for them……



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