W i n t e r 

Winter is basically here……it’s gotten so much darker and so much colder! With the cold comes a whole new set of skin and hair issues. I have found some great buys that don’t break the bank and  will help see your hair and skin saved throughout the winter. 

Let’s start with the hair……frizz!!! Every girls biggest drama when it’s rainy, and cold and windy! But have no fear, umberto gianni have stepped up and helped solve those problems. They have a frizz free collection that will be your must have products. I use the 3 day frizz free spray after showering and then this serum when styling. It’s ensure my sleek pony stays sleek! Now onto the skin. Our poor skin takes such a battering through winter so why not reward it with these goodies and skin soothers. I will start with this moisture bomb tissue mask by Garnier, it’s claim is that it will leave your skin hydrated for 1 week after a 15 min session and improve fine lines and boost radiance. And whilst I didn’t notice any difference to any lines (being 26 though I don’t really have any) I did have radiance and my skin didn’t feel as dry for a good few day afterwards! And at only 99p, I highly recommend this for any skin that’s thirsty for some moisture! Next it’s the miceller oil infused cleansing water. As it gets colder and windier our skin gets stripped of its natural oils more quickly through dryness so it’s always nice to give your skin a helping hand when removing the days makeup. My skin didn’t feel ‘oily’ after using this which is always a concern for me seems as my skin does tend to be more on the oily side. Now onto a classic but still a goody! Vitamin e facial wash, this is now a staple in my makeup removal routine as my skin loves it! It makes it feel smooth and ready for any weather condition the U.K. wants to throw at it! And now onto the body, although it’s heavily clothed for winter it still needs some t.l.c so I reward it with another body shop classic, shea butter. I always try different moisturisers but always get pulled back to this one, a winner for its price and for the way my skin feels after using it. So soft and smoothe, and if you are a fake tanner like me, it makes a great base moisturiser for those rougher knee and elbow parts.


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