O k ……

‘Its ok not to be ok’ a saying I’ve only recently come across and have never agreed with something so much! It’s something that can relate to all ages, and a lot of situations. 

Today we feel under so much pressure to be ‘ok’ and if we aren’t ok, or feel down for a while, we are told to ‘snap out of it’ and move on. But nobody says that’s it ok to not be ok and it’s ok to need help or a chat. The biggest and bravest step is to ask admit you aren’t ok and aren’t afraid to say it. 

This is a very personal post for me as I have so much respect to people who talk about their feelings and if they going through a tough time. Asking for help is always seen as a sign of weakness when in my eyes, it’s the bravest thing to do. I’ve been there, a big life change happened and I wasn’t ok and felt that I was wrong for having this cloud over my head. Mental health is so important but hardly spoken about and that needs to change! Counselling is not a shameful thing, nor is it for ‘nutters’ as I heard once! And when you attach that stigma it’s no wonder people feel like they can’t reach out and ask. 

I have to say that yes, some things can be helped/changed by having a chat or 2 with a friend but sometimes the issues are bigger, like anxiety or a mental health issue, and you need specialist help. I’ve been there, I didn’t want to leave the house or socialise and I just felt so hideous and ugly. And it took a while for me to realise that this wasn’t how I wanted to feel forever and that I needed help and needed support to over come this. I had never even thought of a counsellor and never even knew what they could do!? Like a lot of people, I had never needed one or felt like I needed help. But I did, and I got it and I’m not healed or changed by any means. But I’m better! I have learnt to fake the hell out of being confident and how to act in anxious situations and control things so I don’t go back down that hole.

So now I would say currently, yes I’m ok. But when I do have my moments or days, I remember that it’s ok to not be ok and I am only human. 


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