O c t o b e r 

Now the month is coming to an end I thought I would review and show you what I bought and did in October. This post is about what I loved throughout October and all about the October goals i set myself and how well they went!

Let’s start with the goals……as you will soon see, the winter wardrobe one was fully achieved and that goal can be ticked off! I’ve got a range of new wintery clothes, that all seem to fall in the same colour spectrum?! They have come from asos, unique avenue, h&m and new look.

Next is the running, and the lesser said about that the better! This was due to weather and various illness’ but I did still hit the gym in the warm! Last goal was my blog……and well you can judge that for yourself but I personally feel it’s gone very well, hundreds of visitors and over 2000 views, I feel it’s going and growing well and I am loving it and , loving interacting with new bloggers and relax bloggers and learning about blogging and all the aspects that go along with it!

I also discovered a few new skin treats this month that I want to share with you! Firstly is the exfoliator I got in my glossy box. I fell in love with this and will be buying it when mine runs out, it’s so gentle on the skin and doesn’t cause me to breakout after using it! I also have invested in some body shop vitamin efacial wash and cream, which should arrive in a few days and I can’t wait to start using it! I am also loving the p.s primer, it’s honestly amazing and it’s only £5 and I would never have guessed it was by primark!

It’s not only skin though that needs switching up and caring for throughout the seasons, don’t forget your hair! I bought these goodies from boots and I’m a frizzy haired person, a teeny bit of moisture and it’s hello frizz, but using these 2 products have changed that! I use the spray after showering and then use the serum after styling the following day and hey…..no frizz!!

And last but not least, my November goal…..is to keep blogging and keep loving it, oh and of course……Christmas shopping!!! And to stay motivated in all aspects of my life!


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