W e e k e n d 

This outfit was on my insta Saturday morning (thanks to a fellow blogger for the inspo, Charlotte Olivia) and I wanted to show you how simple these 2 pieces can be switched by day to night. 

For the day look it’s kept simple with a pair of boots, my personal go to is the Chelsea boot, or with my other love, my converses. This can then be teamed with a simple jacket, I am using an a line bomber which is something I recently bought from ASOS. As it gets colder I will defiently be adding my new asos scarf to the outfit to keep me that bit warmer as winter creeps in, and maybe even a bobble hat if you are feeling extra chilly or are having a bad hair day! A leather jacket would also add a cool edge to this outfit and add a mixture of textures and interest to the outfit. I am wearing my bargain Micheal Kors bag here, it was £10 in a charity shop and I’ve never seen anyone else with it. I do love a bargain and they are my fav places to look in! Any across the body bag will be good for this look if it’s black or even nude! 

Night time. Now this can easily be switched up from casual to glam in a matter of minutes. Let’s work from the feet up, swapping the boots or trainers to a pair of black heels, the ones below are very simple and available from new look, these will instantly make you feel ready for the evening ahead. Next, swap that jacket for a blazer. I would go for a black or grey blazer but I’m a huge lover of black (massive lover, borderline obssesed!) and think if the blazer is kept simple you can be a lot more experimental (the one pictured is from H&M) and add a bolder statement necklace to the outfit. I have one from Zara whoch is beaded and blingy and would go really well as it packs a punch and goes well with the muted grey and stands out against the black blazer. If you already have a black bag then stick with that or to really nail those accessories and you have a bag to match the necklace then go for that, team then together and rock it! 

And there you go, a simple outfit that’s turned from casual daytime to stylish night time in minutes!

Picture credits : myself, asos online and H&M online! 

Bobble hat: http://www.uniqueavenue.co.uk/

Scarf and bomber and black bag: http://m.asos.com/women/discover/homepage/

Shoes:           http://m.newlook.com/

Blazer: http://m2.hm.com/m/en_gb/hm-com.genericdevice.html


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