G l o s s y  b o x

So recently I was bought a glossy box subscription by a great friend for my birthday. I had free 3 month order and after the first 2 boxes I was sold! I was set on keeping these monthly beauties a regular thing. This months had a great range of products and an extra surprise too!

The first item was a facial exfoliator. It’s by bee good and contains honey and lavender and has such a lovely fragrance. It isn’t too harsh or abrasive on the skin and left it feeling smooth and more radiant! 

The next item I tried was the glittering gold little bottle. It’s by nuxe and it’s a hair and body oil! It left my skin so shimmery and soft, this would have been lovely for summer but also nice to give my body an autumnal pick me up glow! 

Now onto the makeup items! I have heard so much about this makeup line, it’s by primark and I was given the illuminating primer. It looked lovely on bare skin and did keep my foundation in place for most of the day. At £5 it’s a great price for a good product. 

Now onto a clever little 2 in 1, universal beauty’s secret flush! A slightly glittery lip and cheek tint. Now to be honest, I’m not a cheek tint person as I prefer a bronzed look but this was lovely over a matte lipstick for a golden touch. Perfect for a Christmassy evening out! 

Now I’m a sucker for a lipstick and this one is no exception. It’s a lovely pinky colour that looks good over a dark lippy to lighten it or on its own or a natural nude pink lip. It has a gorgeous fruity smell too which reminds me of being on holiday. A winner indeed!!! 

This one, oh this is a surprise extra! It’s a shampoo who’s brand has been hidden and will only be revealed on October 18th. It left my hair clean and shiny and my scalp felt very clean too! I can’t wait to see what shampoo this is as I will be running out to by some! 

I have added a link in case anyone wanted to find out more 🙂



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