F i t S h a m i n g

Fit shaming. What is it?

Well its a  word that has come into play a lot now thanks to the boom in fitness (with it now being ‘in’)  coupled with Instagram, Facebook and other various social media sites allowing people to share photos with the tap of a screen. People now a days are joining the fitness revelation and telling people about it via the medium of pictures and status’, and what is wrong with that?? Well let me tell you, there is nothing wrong with it! And I love seeing it, I love a monthly transformation pic, or a healthy meal or even a quick snap of new trainers, I love that people want to be healthy and are posting about it.

Along the way though, I have found this new group of people ‘fit shamers’ They don’t like seeing it or hearing about it,  and although I know not everyone can like everything etc, I have come to realise that these people tend to fall into 2 categories, ‘the non-interested’ and the ‘the not nice’.

‘The non-interested’ people aren’t horrible, they  just don’t have interest in it all, so they do find these posts and status updates boring and may even comment on how much you post about it. As it isn’t there passion, and they don’t appreciate the hardwork and effort that goes into the meals and the gym sessions. They will eventually unlike, unfriend or unfollow and hopefully one day find something that they too enjoy. And these people are fine, just not overly interested in your interest.

And now onto ‘the not nice’ now these are people who aren’t interested but take their dislike to a vocal level and comment ‘oh not another food pic’ or ‘just an excuse to show your body off’ and you know what, why shouldn’t you?! You’ve worked hard for that body or took ages cooking that food so rock it and be proud! I personally think these people should stick to the motto if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all! And I’m not having a go at people who don’t like fitness,  I’m sticking up for the people who do love fitness and are given a hard time for it.

Long story short. …..if someone is passionate about something, let them be passionate. You don’t have to look, and you don’t to read about it, just keep scrolling or even unfollow but please don’t put someone else down. That’s not a nice quality to posses and not a nice thing to do. Everyone is fighting a battle you don’t know about and maybe fitness is there escape or release, so just keep scrolling or be positive. Don’t get me wrong, everyone is entitled to an opinion but don’t try and tear others down because you don’t share the same goal/opinion, I would never bring down someone who had a passion or a goal. I would proably just offer a supportive like and carry on with my life!


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