O c t o b e r G o a l s

So everyone says ‘new year, new me….’ and they set resolutions for the whole year. And whilst it’s lovely to have that desire to make changes, most of these changes don’t get to see February! Sooo instead of waiting until the beginning of a new year, why not try it at the start of a new month? This is exactly what I’m going to do!  Creating short, realistic goals for that month is a much less daunting way to mentally make changes. I do this each month and here are my OCTOBER GOALS……

  1. RUN, at least once.  I intend to go to my gyms running club at least once this month
  2. BLOG, and concentrate on it and help it grow
  3. WINTER WARDROBE, get one!

So the first one sounds easy, but I hate running, seriously hate it, but i made a deal to a friend I would go at least once, and because I don’t want to let him down, I’m focused on keeping this goal! It may also involve me buying new running trainers…..like I need an excuse to shop! And hey, the exercise is may be a bonus too!

So the second one was my blog. Last month saw me start it and I love it. It’s a passion and something I had always wanted to do but never had the confidence to do. People have been so supportive and I had hundreds and hundreds of views within the first week. I aim to expand it and utilise twitter more and to gain more knowledg and insight. Oh and views and followers, of course haha!

And the last one, and my favourite one, get a winter wardrobe! Now I’m not one to shy away from shopping but I’ve never had a decent winter wardrobe and feel I need one! So any suggestions are welcome for shops, brands etc! And once it’s complete I will be blogging my new haul of cosy knits, wintery tops and boots fit for the British winter! However seasonal and changable it may be! Im pretty confident that this will be the easiest one to start and complete I think!

Small attainable goals are the way forward and the feeling you get completing them is addictive so why not do it once a month. You can also stick little reminder notes around, or even add reminders on your phone to spur you on and to remind you of them and keep you focussed on smashing those goal.Plus, If you fail, you only have to wait until next month to make new ones, not wait until the next year! So go set them and smash them!




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