P r o t e i n

Yes, Protein (said in an Arnold Schwarzenegger voice, of course)  Protein bars are everywhere! Even in small convenience stores now as we clearly cant get enough of them! And because of this the market is now saturated with them. Even my local petrol station was selling Grenade Carb Killa bars the other day!? But what are they? Why eat them and when should we even be eating and consuming Protein?

Protein by definition is an essential nutrient needed by the human Body. It is one of the building blocks of body tissue, and can also serve as a fuel source. So there you have it, protein is fuel and we need it! But with so many on the market and ranging from 19% upto 33% and some times more, the big question is when should we be eating these high protein snacks? And don’t worry, I have the answer!! First thing in the morning is a great time to have it as it fuels you up for the start of the day. During and after a workout is a also a brilliant time to replenish those protein and energy levels. Oh and ever feel lethargic and run down before bed? A little protein snack wouldn’t go a miss there either.

But as Bars are the topic for this post…..I will get back to them! Protein bars tend to be high protein, low carb and low sugar so great for zapping those energy levels with out boosting your blood sugar to much!

Let us start with one of the most popular ones on the market…… ‘GRENADE CARB KILLA’ this offers you 22g of Protein, 2g of sugar and 2g of carbs. I personally go for the White Chocolate Cookie one as I have such a sweet tooth, but there are many others including chocolate mint and chocolate caramel chaos. This is one of the nicest tasting bars I’ve tried and it doesn’t give you the stodgy feeling you can sometimes get from these types of bars.

Another popular market leader……’QUEST BAR’ I expect most of you or even all of you will have heard of these or seen these, they are very popular as they come in such a wide variety from Cookies and Cream, to Cookie Dough to Strawberry Cheesecake to Spiced Pumpkin flavour! There is one for every taste palette! They contain 21g of Protein, 5g of carbs and are also low in sugar. I do favour these bars as they are so sweet and chunky but I do however sometimes get a sickly feeling after them, but they do keep me going and the energy levels up!

Now onto a couple I hadn’t actually heard of until I  went into my local health shop. They are both by ‘MULTIPOWER’ and the first one I tried was a vanilla flavoured bar called ‘POWER PACK’ and I was extremely impressed! 28g of protein but it did have 11g of sugar so not the lowest sugar content on the market but the taste was lovely and didn’t feel heavy in my stomach either but if its a low sugar option you are after, so not the healthiest, if you will but great as a protein boost and a little sugar pick me up if you get the sugar shakes and proably great too if you are looking for a workout snack to power you on through!

The second one by the same company is called ‘POWER LAYER’ and with 33% protein per 100g you can see why it has that name! It is chocolate and caramel and nut flavour, slightly snicker-ish flavour is what I think they were going for? But I’m afraid this isn’t a high ranker for me! It may be high in protein but its also higher in sugar than most and higher in carbs therefore 241 cals per bar and also not the greatest tasting either.

I know there are so many more bars out there for me to try, and trust me, I look forward to eating my way through them and doing another review! Hope some of you found this helpful as the world of fitness and healthy eating and tracking can be very daunting!




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