Skincare switch up

So recently I’ve been lucky enough to have discovered and also been sent some amazing products that have really helped me and my skin! All products are linked below!

This is my skincare routine! After I have removed my makeup and cleansed these are what I use:

Let’s start with the roller! This is by Swiss clinic and it’s a 0.2mm needle roller and it’s great for boosting blood flow to the skin and plumping it!

The blemish cream is by manuka doctor and I love it! I will be buying the cleanser they make when my current one runs out as I love it for my acne prone skin. I mix this with the skinkissed serum which contains vitamin c and Hyaluronic acid and also collagen for extra anti ageing and help to reduce my scars and it’s really helping my skin

The last products I use are the brow serum from Swiss clinic to help me grow and keep my brows in good condition. I also use the lash fx serum for my lashes to help repair them after having years of eyelash extensions, they are looks so much healthier and I’ve even had compliments about them!

I have added links here where to buy all the mentioned products (these aren’t aff links) facial serum eyelash serum skin needle roller and brow serum blemish cream


Brow fx

I love brows, i have so many brow products and love trying new brow products so I was so excited to be sent these brow goodies from brow fx

I was kindly sent a powder palette and the 2 brow powder pens and a brow highlighter pen. Usually I do the outline of my brow with pencil and then I filled them in with the darker brown from the palette and the went over any areas that may have needed filling with the darker powder pen.

It lasts all day, even without brow gel, which I was so happy about and I even had a brow compliment so that says it all really! This product has become part of my brow routine and being a pomade kinda gal I was so dubious but I’m now converted and love it!

You can also highlight your brow to with the powder to pen to really add some pop to your brow!

You can check them and thier full range out here:

Derma rolling…

So this device and technique has been around a while now and I’ve finally bit the bullet and jumped on the bandwagon!

I was gifted this tool from Swiss clinic and opted for the 0.2mm needle to ease myself in as I’ve heard the bigger the needle the more painful it can be and I’m a bit of a wimp!

I use mine twice a day as instructed in the box and I go over the areas 4 times in multiple directions and I have to say, I’ve seen a difference! I suffer from adult acne and since using this my breakouts have reduced and my scarring is fading which is awesome and does wonders for my confidence!

The idea of this is to create small pin pricks in the skin to allow the blood to flow and encourage collagen to be produced, hello anti ageing, and also to help you absorb skincare deeper and for it to be more effective and I’m all for that! And I feel I’m seeing the benefits! Yes I was sent this via brandbassador but these opinions are all my own and I’m so happy I’ve tried this and will keep using it and keep seeing the results.

I have a 20% off discount code for anyone who wants to try this: SWISSCLINIC94X

Let me know if you’ve tried derma rolling and how you’ve got on!

Revolution PRO

Woah…makeup revolution have stepped up thier game! They have bought out this whole new range of ‘pro’ makeup and I had to get my hands on some bits!

Sadly I wasn’t a fan of the fast base sticks so when I saw they had foundation drops and camouflage foundation coming out i knew I needed it! I ordered f8 in the foundation and f6 in the drops to help lighten and taper the colour to suit me.

I was shocked with this, it blends well and leaves you with a slightly dewy base if you use the drops or matte if you use the camouflage foundation and this baby lasted alllllll day! I have oily skin and this was a dream! It didn’t oxidise either and didn’t melt off my face. I am such a convert to this foundation and don’t think I will be spending money on expensive foundations now I’ve found this dreamy little combo.

I also got the 4K rose gold highlighter quad and it’s so pretty! The glow is natural but beautiful and looks like the Huda beauty highlighters. I am so pleased they’ve bought this range out and really showed that you can get some amazing makeup on the high street!

Makeup revolution fastbase….

This brand is getting big! Very big and bringing out some awesome products and even launching a new PRO range which I am super excited for! And last month they bought out thier first foundation in the form of the fast base foundation stick.

I ordered 3 shades the minute it came out and had to guess my shade online which sadly didn’t work out great for me as they don’t have a shade that fits my undertones. I bought a concealer, contour and foundation shade. The contour shade is the only wearable shade for me sadly and I have to say the others were too light for me and not right.

I was so impressed by how creamy the formula was and it didn’t instantly dry so good for blending out, however….as an oily kinda gal this formula didn’t sit well with my skin, no pun intended! It kind of slid off my skin after a couple of hours, so it required a lot of powder and baking to make it set and even then it didn’t gel well with my skin type sadly.

I had such high hopes for this as the price point is amazing at only £5 and I feel if you have dry skin this will be amazing for you as it’s so creamy and hydrating as it have a dewy/satin finish to it. I still have serious love for this brand an am super excited to try out the new PRO range!

If anyone else has tried this please let me know how you got on….

Blood type diet

Firstly, without sounding silly, it is a lifestyle change more than a diet. I first came across this when I saw another blogger mention it and it sounded like something I wanted to read more about, and you can too here…..

I entered my blood type and what I read made total sense, the traits it listed were so true and relatable so I carried on reading and it suggests what you should eat, what to avoid, what your body works well with and what it doesn’t work well with. I have also made a YouTube video about it which you can view here….

I tried this change for 2 weeks and I felt better, less bloated, less sluggish and I even lost a few pounds! As we all know weight loss and fitness isn’t one size fits all and doesn’t always work the same for everybody hence why I was interested in this as it is aimed at your blood type and more seemed more specific.

I then went back to my ‘normal’ eating ways, and back was the sluggish feeling, daily bloating and horrible skin I knew from before, I was shocked and impressed by this and highly recommend people clicking the link at the top and reading it. I felt more motivated too and more energy in the gym aswell which is always a bonus!

Has anyone else tried this or read about this diet before?

Wood watches, wood you?

Firstly, yes that was a hilarious pun….now we can be serious….

I was so lucky to be contacted by the lovely people at JORD watches whom offered me a watch, and a chance for one of my followers to win a $100 gift card just by clicking this link:

How good is that!

These watches were something I had seen online but never seen in person and I was so surprised at how lightweight these feel and how comfortable they are. I’ve only worn it for 2 days and had so many lovely compliments! It’s so unique and different that I already love wearing it and can see it becoming a permanent fixture on my wrist!

Do click the giveaway link, below also, to win a chance to have the voucher as then you too can own one of the beauties! They come with oil and a cloth to keep it looking it’s best and it’s own little booklet on do and dont’s to keep it in perfect condition.

Here is the link again for a chance to win!

Goals update!

Ok so at the beginning of January I had a post about goals, goals I wanted to achieve and smash….and I think I did that!

But this post is all about the importance of goals…why bother? When should you set them?

First question….why? Well why not, it’s good to have goal/ambitions/aims as they help keep you motivated, active and focused. It can mean the start of something new or the end of something and of you smash the goals then that’s a great feeling to have! That awesome feeling of completion is a feeling a love and a feeling that keeps me going!

Second question….when? Whenever you want! I like to use the start of a new month (but you don’t have to at all) to set new goals as then the end of the month is my ‘smash’ line, it’s when I see how far I’ve come and if I feel I’ve completed what I had set out to do. They can be huge or small goals, life changing or little either way set them and smash them!

At the end of the month see what you wrote down at the beginning of the month and see what you’ve done about that goal. If it’s completed, tick it off. If it isn’t, keep going! There is no failure here if you keep up the motivation.

Journals/diary’s/bullet journals are so good for keeping you on track and tracking your progress and how close you are to reaching your goal.